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Subsidizing Nuclear Is No Strategy For Long-Term Success

June 17, 2017 by


By Katie Tubb ~ With yet another nuclear power plant joining the ranks of those closing ahead of schedule, it’s clear that something is amiss in the nuclear power industry. That “something” is the accumulation of federal policies that stifle innovation and efficiency in the industry and simultaneously subsidize it to keep it alive on […]

How The West Got Healthy And Prosperous

June 5, 2016 by


Vital ingredients included the scientific method and fossil fuels – truths we forget at our peril By Paul Driessen ~ Several years ago, physician, statistician, sword swallower and vibrant lecturer Hans Rosling produced a fascinating 4-minute video that presented 120,000 data points and showcased how mostly western nations became healthy and prosperous in just 200 […]

Fossil Fuel Power Generation – The Moral Case – Video From Senate Hearings

April 18, 2016 by


I saw this video the other day and decided to Post it here at our site. It’s worth watching for a number of reasons. Alex Epstein is the main speaker here, and he makes the moral case for our reliance on fossil fuel electrical power generation. Note here how every time he mentions it, Alex […]

Last Ditch Assaults On Affordable Energy

March 7, 2016 by


Obama and allies double down on biofuels and climate, and against carbon-based fuels By Paul Driessen ~ Separating reality from ideology and political agendas is difficult, but essential, if we are to revitalize our economy and help the world’s poorest families take their rightful places among Earth’s prosperous people. Energy reality is certainly in our […]

Electrical Power Generation – Why Wind Power Fails To Deliver

February 4, 2016 by


By Anton Lang ~ Pretend you are in the market for a new car. The salesman tells you it is the latest technology, brand new, and will do everything your old car did, only much better. Believing what he says, you go ahead and purchase this new car. When you get it home and start […]

In Praise Of Power Stations

June 17, 2015 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ Terry McCrann takes on a victim of the religious fervour of a Fairfax warmist: The combination of wild-eyed religious belief and both complete denial of fact and total disconnect from reality that is so characteristic of climate change true believers was perfectly displayed by The Age’s theology — correction, supposed economics […]

Cyclone Marcia – Rockhampton Queensland Australia (Part Seven)

March 5, 2015 by


RECOVERY AFTER THE POWER CAME BACK ON I mentioned in yesterday’s Post how the power came back on not long after Midnight on the Wednesday morning, and we discovered that at around 4.30AM. As I mentioned, we went out onto the back porch at that time for ten minutes just to see how many people […]