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Costly Climate Policies Will Harm Energy-Starved Africa

June 20, 2021 by


By Adam Houser ~ In 1985, Michael Jackson and other American musicians tried to channel a spirit of global unity by releasing a collaborative song titled “We Are the World.” The purpose was noble, namely to raise funds for Africa which was going through a severe famine at the time. Today, famine, disease, and lack […]

Africans Deflect Biden’s Demand To End Fossil Fuel Use

April 17, 2021 by


By Duggan Flanakin ~ As the merger of climate change and COVID panic materializes in front of our eyes, “global leaders” have found plenty developing world voices to join the crusade to “save the planet” from carbon (dioxide) “pollution.” But like their Chinese and Indian counterparts, many Africans, from heads of state to captains of industry […]

Africa’s Priority: Unrestricted Energy Development

October 25, 2020 by


By Vijay Raj Jayaraj ~ Africa has been recording fast economic growth in the last two decades, with an average annual GDP growth of 4.6% (2000-2016). However, that has not been sufficient to meet the developmental goals and poverty is again on the rise. In recent years, poverty rose slightly in Africa for the first […]

Climate Alarmist Banks Go Carbon-Colonialist

December 31, 2019 by


By Paul Driessen and David Wojick, Ph.D. ~ Africa has the world’s lowest electrification rate. Its power consumption per capita is just 613 kilowatt-hours per year, compared to 6,500 kWh in Europe and 13,000 in the United States, African Development Bank (AfDB) President Akinwumi Adesina observed in July 2017. That’s 9.4% of EU and 4.7% […]

The Biomass Scam: Should Africans Truly Burn More Trees?

October 13, 2019 by


By Duggan Flanakin ~ Why are the World Bank and other international institutions promoting widespread use of charcoal for heating and cooking in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA)? During the recent 2019 “climate week,” the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change touted increased reliance on biomass – which already comprises 60 percent of European renewable energy – […]

Electricity In The Realm Of The Lion King

September 26, 2019 by


From the team at CFACT ~ By Dr. Kelvin Kemm ~ Hydro power is a good way to generate electricity. In most political circles, it is considered environment-friendly because it does not produce carbon dioxide, and it is not complicated. Norway has extensive hydro and can claim to have very green energy, which Norwegians do. […]

Fighting For Energy And Human Rights Equality In Africa

February 28, 2019 by


By Paul Driessen ~ “She has gone to the Lord,” her sister Diana told me a few days ago. And with Fiona Kobusingye’s passing, after a courageous battle with cancer, the Congress of Racial Equality Uganda lost another leader. However, their legacy remains, the battles they began rage on – and Uganda and Africa are […]

Australian Electrical Power Generation – Destroying Victoria’s Cheap Electricity

October 31, 2016 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ Here in Australia, the State of Victoria is about to lose a quarter of its electricity supply as the “dirty” Hazelwood coal-fired power station closes. The nation’s power supply will become less reliable, Victorian electricity prices will rise and 1000 workers will lose their jobs. Isn’t it time to call out […]

Powering Countries, Empowering People

September 23, 2016 by


Affordable energy brings jobs, improved living standards and pursuit of happiness By Paul Driessen ~ For 16 years, in a scene out of pre-industrial America, Thabo Molubi and his partner made furniture in South Africa’s outback, known locally as the “veld.” Lacking even a stream to turn a water wheel and machinery, they depended solely […]

When Will Africa Get Healthy And Prosperous?

July 14, 2016 by


When will its leaders focus on vital issues affecting its people, instead of lining their pockets? By Steven Lyazi ~ Introduction from CFACT’s Paul Driessen: Steven Lyazi is a young African student and worker, who was mentored for several years by my colleague and close friend Cyril Boynes, Jr., until Cyril’s untimely death in January […]

Why Renewables Equal Death – Video

October 13, 2014 by


Look closely at this graphic showing access to electrical power in Countries and Continents around the World. Access to reliable and constant electrical supply is something which we here in the already Developed World take so utterly for granted, something the people in those Countries do not have, and while you see some numbers here […]

Unlocking Energy Opportunity In Africa

August 12, 2014 by


By Katie Tubb and Hannah Herbert ~ Visiting America for the U.S.–Africa Leaders Summit last week, heads of African nations had plenty to say about the need to increase access to reliable, affordable energy. Yet some are trying to dissuade African investment in conventional energy sources such as coal and natural gas in an effort […]

Holding Big Green Accountable: Electrify Africa Initiatives Should Finally Trump Environmentalist Opposition To Big Power Plants

August 11, 2014 by


Poor countries should hold Big Green groups and directors liable for deaths, ravage they cause By Paul Driessen ~ Few Americans can imagine life without reliable, affordable electricity – for lights, refrigerators, air conditioning, computers, and countless other technologies that enhance and safeguard our lives. But in Africa, India, and other regions some 2.5 billion […]

Making Earth A “High-Energy Planet”

July 26, 2014 by


By Ron Arnold ~ Electricity for Africa may become a reality. If all goes smoothly, President Obama will be able to sign a landmark bipartisan energy-for-Africa bill when more than 40 African heads of state – all looking to attract more U.S. investment for their economies – convene at the White House for the U.S.-Africa […]

Climate Change Hypocrisy Exposed – New Coal Fired Power Plant For Niger In Africa

July 16, 2014 by


By Anton Lang ~ Recently, a new coal fired power plant was proposed for the Country of Niger in Africa. (This Country should not be confused with the larger Country of Nigeria) The article detailing this proposed new power plant is at this link. I can see green heads across the World exploding with this […]