Obama Will Just Do It With A Nicer Smile

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Will Hollywood and media Left maintain their rage, now that Barack Obama is doing what they flayed Bush for?

The Obama administration will continue the Bush administration’s practice of sending terror suspects to third countries for detention and interrogation, but will monitor their treatment to ensure they are not tortured, administration officials said on Monday.


James Morrow, of the United States Studies Centre, is not surprised Obama’s support is on the serious slide:

None of this was unpredictable. Barack Obama came into office with barely any real experience as a legislator (having voted “present” nearly 130 times during his short tenure as an Illinois State Senator), so it is no wonder that his signature pieces of legislation – the cap-and-tax energy bill and ObamaCare – have hit the wall. And with so many key positions unfilled (just 43 per cent of key policy-making positions have made it through the Senate…) it is no wonder the messages out of the White House have been so vague and programs such as Cash-For-Clunkers so poorly administered.

Had he been more conservative (in the strategic, rather than political, sense), not decided to run so hard so fast, and got his team in place and his messages straight, Barack Obama may have been able to achieve more of his stated goal to fundamentally re-make American society….At this point, though, it is not too soon to say that, if things don’t turn around soon for him, Barack Obama is on his way to becoming a one-term president…

I think Morrow may have underplayed one of the factors in Obama’s troubles, as we see with his health care woes and his disastrous intervention in race politics last month: Obama, the most Left-wing President, in decades, may have done better had he been more conservative in the political sense as well.

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