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Big Brother Barack Moving Forward

May 21, 2016 by


By Tom McLaughlin ~ It started when progressive Newspeak replaced “sex” with “gender.” Male and female isn’t biology, but sociology. Gender is fluid. Homosexuals are born that way; they cannot choose it, progressives insist. Males and females, however, are not born that way; they can choose it. Only hateful bigots would disagree. Schools must agree […]

Obama’s Pretty Words Cannot Beautify His Ugly Economy

May 13, 2016 by


By Deroy Murdock ~ If this morning’s employment report has you down, just listen to President Obama. The U.S. economy is gorgeous, he insists. “In the United States, our economy is growing again,” Obama crowed during his trip to Germany last month. And the American people would appreciate all of this “if we had been […]

President Obama’s Deceitful Legacy Tour

May 11, 2016 by


By Roger Aronoff ~ As President Obama’s second term nears its end he has begun a media tour emphasizing what he claims are the positive aspects of his policies. The complicit media, of course, have long worked to inflate positive impressions of Obama’s legacy, and this latest set of interviews is no different. “In two […]

We Don’t Need Billion$ To Prevent Zika

May 7, 2016 by


Controlling mosquitoes and preventing diseases requires smarter policies, not more billions By Paul Driessen and Robert J. Novak ~ The Zika virus is increasingly linked to serious neurological complications for pregnant women and microcephaly in newborns: smaller than normal heads and brains. It also affects areas of fetal brains that control basic muscular, motor, speech […]

Washington’s Despotic Lawlessness

March 21, 2016 by


We’ve had a “try and stop me” president. Now we need one who will invalidate those actions. By Paul Driessen ~ Washington is out of control. Legislators, judges and unelected bureaucrats want to control our lives, livelihoods and living standards, with no accountability even for major errors, calculated deception, or deliberate, often illegal assaults on […]

Lawmakers Say Congress Should Investigate Millionaires Enrolling In Medicaid

February 13, 2016 by


By Melissa Quinn ~ Conservative lawmakers say Congress should investigate the number of millionaires who qualify for and enroll in government-sponsored health insurance under Obamacare, a trend exposed in a Daily Signal report earlier this week. At the monthly Capitol Hill event Conversations with Conservatives, lawmakers in attendance discussed a recent Daily Signal report involving people […]

Fact-Checking President Obama’s Final State Of The Union

January 13, 2016 by


By Melissa Quinn and Josh Siegel  and Philip Wegmann ~ President Barack Obama looked to the future Tuesday night in his final State of the Union address, touching on issues ranging from health care and the economy to climate change, terrorism and military strength. Obama touted the achievements of his seven years in office, and outlined how […]

GOP Lawmakers Take On Obama’s Executive Gun Control Push

January 5, 2016 by


By Natalie Johnson ~ Republican lawmakers hit back on President Barack Obama’s plans to unveil a series of executive actions this week aimed at tightening gun laws. Ahead of Obama’s meeting Monday with top law enforcement officials to finalize expanded gun control measures, House Speaker Paul Ryan called the president’s extent of executive overreach “dangerous.” […]

Obama Is Not Delusional; He Is Ideologically And Resolutely Anti-American

December 7, 2015 by


By Lawrence Sellin Ph.D. ~ Barack Hussein Obama is fond of telling Americans, “that’s not who we are,” when admonishing us about not agreeing with his policies. It is Obama and his fellow travelers, who are, in fact, “not who we are.” It is why many mistakenly describe his views as being delusional, basing their […]

Obama’s Big Government Does Everything For You

August 31, 2015 by


By Deroy Murdock ~ ‘Everything, all the time.” That’s how the Eagles once described life in the fast lane. Those words now epitomize Big Government in the Obama era. Obama maintains a southern “border” that deserves those sneer quotes. He let cyber attackers seize the personnel records of some 22 million federal workers. And in […]

I Am DISGUSTED By Obama’s New Hostage Policy

June 25, 2015 by


By LTC Allen West (U.S. Army Ret) ~ Sadly, President Obama just put every American at risk by allowing families to pay ransoms to Islamic terrorists. He announced more government agencies, but said nothing about killing the terrorists who’d think about kidnapping Americans. Obama just abdicated the responsibility of the federal government to protect Americans. He […]

A President, Not A Potentate

April 6, 2015 by


By Alan Caruba ~ In 2010, before the midterm elections, President Obama said, “We’re gonna punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends.” Instead, it was the Democratic Party that got punished as voters rejected its candidates, rendering it some of its biggest losses since the Great Depression. The Republican Party gained 63 seats […]

Harf Truths: Obama Official Blames Jihadism On Lack Of Jobs Training

February 19, 2015 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ Allen West is rightly astonished by the Obama Administration’s latest cowardly evasion in the war against Islamism: My, oh my…. State Department Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf actually said “we cannot win this war by killing them [ISIS], we cannot kill our way out of this war” yesterday on MSNBCS’s “Hardball.” Instead, […]

America Is Committing Government Assisted Suicide

February 17, 2015 by


By Lawrence Sellin Ph.D. ~ The United States is under direct and sustained attack by the combined forces of the tyrannical far left and radical Islam, punctuated by humiliation abroad and despair at home. We are losing because unlike Walter Mitty, whose delusions were confined to his own head, Barack Obama has been permitted to […]

Why Isn’t It Treason?

January 22, 2015 by


By Alan Caruba ~ “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.” – Article Three, Section Three, U.S. Constitution. Given the fact that one of the suspects, Said Kouachi, in the Paris killings had traveled to Yemen in 2011 […]

Here Lies Barack Obama

December 15, 2014 by


By Edward Cline ~ “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Not necessarily. Remember what happened when FDR allied himself with Josef Stalin to defeat Nazi Germany. At war’s end, Stalin gobbled up half of Europe with FDR’s leave. The U.S. was saddled with a costly “cold war” with our former “friend” Soviet Russia […]

Goodbye Eric Holder

September 27, 2014 by


By Alan Caruba ~ In a nation where there is a scarcity of good news, hearing Eric Holder give a farewell speech upon his announcement that he will be leaving as the Attorney General was surely welcome in some circles. I was never a fan of his because he was in my opinion always more […]

Obama’s Ignorance

September 25, 2014 by


By Alan Caruba ~ From time to time I hear President Obama described as “an evil genius”, but he is neither. He’s not evil. He’s something much worse. He is a fool who thinks he’s a genius. This is not about his intelligence. No one gets to be President of the United States without some […]

Ebola Crisis: Yes, We Need To Help But Is Obama Ready To Keep Americans Safe?

September 24, 2014 by


By Betsy McCaughey, PhD ~ America is silently acquiescing to President Obama’s extraordinarily expensive and flawed plan to fight Ebola in West Africa.  On Tuesday, Obama announced he is committing $763 million dollars and 3,000 military personnel to taming the outbreak that so far has killed 2,400 people. Though help is urgently needed there, the plan […]

Why Obama Fails And Succeeds

July 25, 2014 by


By Lawrence Sellin Ph.D. ~ Barack Obama fails because of the content of his character. He is amoral, lacking an ability to judge himself or his actions by any value or virtue. In his mind, Obama is good not because he is honest or wise; Obama is good because he is Obama. The implicit pattern […]

For Too Many, It’s A Very Unhappy Fourth Of July

July 3, 2014 by


By Alan Caruba ~ As Americans pause to celebrate the 238th signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, it well may be one of the saddest Fourth’s in decades. The six and a half years of the Obama regime has failed to unleash the nation’s capacity to recover from the 2008 financial crisis and […]

Obama’s Legacy Threatens America’s Future

June 19, 2014 by


By Alan Caruba ~ Americans are feeling the same fear for the future that preceded the Civil War when the incompetent James Buchanan left the mess that Abraham Lincoln had to address. I don’t think we have ever had a President with less knowledge of history than Barack Obama and less ability to solve domestic […]

The National Debt Now

March 26, 2014 by


By Deroy Murdock ~ Budget hawks and free-marketeers very badly need to retool their rhetoric on the dangers of government borrowing and America’s ever-deepening national debt – last clocked at $17.4 trillion. “How dare we pass along our bills to our children and grandchildren . . . yadda, yadda, yadda . . . ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz . […]

Stimulus Fail: How The U.S. Spent Its Way Into Disaster

October 30, 2013 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ This is news even here in Australia. If America sneezes, the rest of the World catches the Flu…..TonyfromOz. Economist Art Laffer on the terrible failure of stimulus spending in the United States: It is clear, now, that a massive stimulus administered was an abject failure. It condemned America to the worst […]