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MSM Blackouts: The Mainstream Media’s (MSM) double standard of headlining crimes associated with the liberal “hate crimes” agenda is not limited to race. On 8 October 1998, Matthew Shepard, a homosexual student at the University of Wyoming, was kidnapped and tortured by two men he met at a bar. Shepard later died of his severe injuries and his kidnappers were convicted for his murder. Because the case was an attack on a homosexual, the national media saturated the nation with coverage of the murder and trial.

As reported by The Patriot almost 10 years ago, on 26 September 1999, less than a year after Shepard’s murder, Jesse Dirkhising, a thirteen-year-old seventh grader from Prairie Grove, Arkansas, was kidnapped, bound, drugged, tortured, raped and murdered by two homosexual predators. Unlike the Shepard case, the Dirkhising rape and murder received NO national media attention.

When NBC spokesperson Barbara Levinson was asked about the disparity, she insisted, “We did not cover [the Dirkhising case]. There are many crime stories that don’t make it on the air.” A spokeswoman for CNN said, “Our affiliate station in Atlanta was tracking the story. But the week it happened, there was also Hurricane Floyd, the London train wreck, and the flare-up in East Timor.”

And regarding that pre-trial letter convicting the Duke University lacrosse players publicly issued by 88 Duke faculty members, how much have you read in the national media about Frank Lombard? He is a Duke University faculty member who was arrested two months ago and charged with molesting the 5-year-old black boy he and his homosexual partner adopted. Lombard, who advertised his child for abuse, told an undercover FBI agent that having sex with his child “was easier when the child was too young to talk or know what was happening, but that he had drugged the child with Benadryl during the molestation.”

The Duke U Faculty has not issued an open letter convicting Lombard, but then, they would not want to derail Obama’s advocacy for homosexual “marriage” and adoption rights…

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