Karl Rove And The Republican Party Have Things All Wrong

Posted on Wed 08/05/2009 by


A few months back, Salvaterra and I, along with 600 other people, attended a Republican fundraiser where Karl Rove was the featured guest speaker.

Known by many as “The Architect”, Rove was Senior Advisor and Deputy Chief Of Staff to George W, Bush.

During the course of his speech, one of the comments that Rove made was that it was fine for Republicans to disagree with their political opponents, but that they should do so in a polite and respectful manner.

That remark made clear to me and a lot of the others in attendance why the Republican party has slipped from it’s former place of prominence in national politics.

With all due respect Mr. Rove, that is a load of crap!

The Republican party, and the majority of conservatives in general, place far too much emphasis on being perceived as the “nice guys.”

In the meantime, no tactic is too underhanded for our opponents.

The smear campaign directed against Sarah Palin is just one example.

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