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Australian Printer Bans Book Against Gay Marriage

September 23, 2016 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ First we saw two commercial TV stations ban an ad backing traditional marriage. So did SBS. Then we saw a Catholic Archbishop taken to the Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Commission for defending traditional marriage. Next, we saw a meeting of Christian opponents of same-sex marriage bombarded with abuse and threats, forcing its cancellation. […]

Australian Politics – Same Sex Marriage Militants Strike

September 19, 2016 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s plan for a public vote on same-sex marriage has indeed unleashed the haters — but they’re the thugs of the Left. Worse, the Prime Minister may now give in to this pack and force on the public the same-sex marriage change they have not voted for. […]

Living With The Dialectic

September 16, 2016 by


By Herbert London ~ For devotees of Marxist-Leninist dialectical materialism the world is in motion and “progress” occurs through struggles. It follows the Hegelian principle that an evolving thesis morphs into anti-thesis resulting in synthesis. Thus history is not the unfolding of spirit or individual intervention, but of class struggle through violent revolution which is […]

People Scared Of Ideas Should Not Go To University

August 26, 2016 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ Just when all seemed lost, the University of Chicago has sent the incoming class of 2020 a letter rejecting the now-fashionable demands for “safe spaces”: You will find that we expect members of our community to be engaged in rigorous debate, discussion, and even disagreement.  At times this may challenge you […]

Time Columnist Lovingly Imagines Denying The Vote To People Over 65

August 25, 2016 by


By Tim Graham ~ Time’s resident humorist Joel Stein was mysteriously selected to write their latest cover story with the hair-on-fire headline “Why we’re losing the Internet to a culture of hate.” It’s mysterious because Stein has written some very troll-like commentary over the years, such as Christianity is a “death cult,” (living with Christians […]

Western Values Defended

August 14, 2016 by


By Edward Cline ~ Olivia Pierson’s Western Values Defended: A Primer, is just what its title says it is, a primer for those unread in what those values are that need to be upheld and defended. It is a short book, just a general survey of the Western values that are rooted in ancient Greece […]

Brexit – Remoaners Are Determined To Find Bad News

August 4, 2016 by


By Daniel Hannan ~ Lloyds Bank, we were told on Thursday, was shedding thousands of jobs because Britain had voted to leave the EU. The BBC assumed a direct link between the branch closures and what it called the “Brexit effect”. Sky News was just as certain: “Lloyds to axe 3000 jobs following EU exit […]