A Year Without Rush + 4 More…

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A Year Without Rush + 4 More Articles:

  1. Biden v. Putin
  2. Meanwhile In Jerusalem…
  3. Biden, BLM & The Court
  4. Trudeau’s Chutzpah

They say no man is indispensable. But with all the battles raging today, we sure could use three hours each day of Rush Limbaugh right now.

One year ago, Rush Limbaugh died after a valiant battle against lung cancer. I’m sure millions of Americans miss him just as much as I do.

Rush was the epitome of an American patriot who loved our country. He knew we were in great danger from enemies abroad and from decay within. Every day, he showed how we can and should fight to rescue the things we hold dear.

For more than 30 years, Rush was on the air three hours a day, informing the American people in battle after battle. We all remember the times when he seemed to be the only person who could rally conservatives to resist the increasingly radical left.

Working in the White House and in Washington, D.C., I saw him do it time and time again. And the times I remember most fondly were the times he stopped the GOP from flying off a cliff over issues like amnesty for illegal aliens.

Rush frequently put the fear of God into the RINOs. I saw many congressmen and senators sweating bullets when they couldn’t get calls out of their offices because Rush had unleashed his conservative listeners.

The left could not out-argue Rush, so they tried to cancel him. They attacked his sponsors. They accused him of being a racist. He took some hits, but he survived them all.

Rush was a man of faith. He began his show by saying, “With talent on loan from God.” He meant it. During his battle with cancer, he often said, “I just thank God that I woke up today for another day of life in His world.”

Rush and Donald Trump became close friends. To the great dismay of the American media and the socialist left, President Trump honored Rush Limbaugh during his 2020 State of the Union address with the presidential Medal of Freedom.

While the “Doctor of Democracy” was certainly most deserving, it’s hard to imagine any other Republican president honoring Limbaugh so publicly.

I had the great pleasure of knowing Rush Limbaugh personally. I was on his show in 2000, when I ran for the Republican presidential nomination, and my family met him on the set of his TV show.

They say no man is indispensable. But with all the battles raging today, we sure could use three hours each day of Rush Limbaugh right now.

Rest in peace, Rush.

Biden v. Putin

Joe Biden has been huffing and puffing about the terrible consequences if Russia invades Ukraine. Apparently, Vladimir Putin isn’t getting the message. U.S. intelligence says that since Biden’s speech Tuesday, Russia has added an additional 7,000 elite combat forces to the 150,000 already encircling Ukraine.

There’s something else that Biden may want to think more carefully about. Administration officials keep saying that an invasion could happen at any moment.

Indeed, the Russian invasion may already be underway.

  • Ukraine was hit Wednesday with a massive cyberattack
  • Russia expelled a top U.S. diplomat from Moscow.
  • Putin is also ratcheting up his demands against the U.S. and NATO.
  • There has reportedly been an exchange of artillery fire that struck a kindergarten.

Meanwhile, we’re having a hard time keeping our allies in line about what to do if Russia actually does invade Ukraine. This would be a good time for Biden to go to London, Paris or Berlin to get them all on the same page. The Ukrainian president reportedly suggested that Biden send a really powerful message by going to Kiev.

But Biden evidently doesn’t want to get anywhere near the Black Sea. He spent the day Thursday near the Black River, which runs through Lorain, Ohio, where he promoted the infrastructure bill and pushed his Build Back Better agenda.

Yes, that’s right. Just as we’re on the brink of war with Russia, Biden’s campaigning in Ohio to make us more socialist, just like Russia.

But, surely, he sent someone capable to Europe, someone we all have confidence in to carry the flag for America and to whip our allies into shape, right?

I regret to inform you that he sent Kamala Harris. You may recall that when she got into trouble last year for not going to the border as the new “Border Czar,” Harris quipped, “And I haven’t been to Europe.” Well, she can check Europe off of her bucket list now.

I can only hope and pray that she does a much better job there than she has on our southern border!

Meanwhile In Jerusalem…

While the world is focused on Russia and Ukraine, Senator Lindsey Graham was in Israel this week. Speaking to the Israeli press, he noted the precarious situation in the Middle East, warning that a nuclear-armed Iran is “the game-changer of all game-changers.” Here are few excerpts of his remarks:

“Iran is a theocracy motivated by religion that compels them to purify their faith and have the world submit. The Nazis wanted a master race, and the Iranians want a master religion. People like that cannot be ignored…

“Israel will do what she has to, and that would be to launch an attack to stop the Iranian theocracy from attaining a nuclear capability… One Holocaust was enough… Why can’t Iran have nuclear weapons? Because Israelis say, ‘Never again.’”

In related news, 175 House Republicans warned the Biden Administration against attempts to negotiate a new nuclear deal with Iran without any input from Congress. Thirty-three Senate Republicans also warned Biden against unilateral deals with the ayatollah.

Biden, BLM & The Court

The Biden White House recently announced that Minyon Moore was being hired to help facilitate the confirmation of Joe Biden’s Supreme Court nominee.

Moore, a Democrat activist from Chicago, has been around Washington for years. She served in the Clinton White House, and was one of Hillary Clinton’s key advisers. She’s also on the board of the Black Lives Matter Global Network.

I hope I don’t need to remind you that the BLM group openly brags about its Marxist roots. It was the premier organization behind the defund the police movement.

So, let’s connect the dots.

  • Joe Biden runs up to New York City after two police officers were brutally gunned down, and says he’s against defunding the police.
  • Nancy Pelosi goes on national TV and says she doesn’t believe in defunding the police.
  • But who is helping Biden pick his Supreme Court nominee? A leader of the defund the police movement!

I’m just making a guess here, but I fully expect that anyone Minyon Moore endorses and anyone Joe Biden nominates for the Supreme Court will be hostile to law enforcement.

Trudeau’s Chutzpah

Wednesday, Melissa Lantsman, a Jewish member of the Canadian parliament, stood up in the House of Commons and defended the blue-collar Canadian truckers who are concerned about the attack on freedom in Canada.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responded by accusing certain politicians of being comfortable “standing with people who wave swastikas.” The House erupted in boos and yelling, and Trudeau beat a hasty retreat from the chamber.

If there is anyone in the Canadian House of Commons who resembles fascist Nazis, it’s not the conservative Jewish member who sits in that chamber.

The word “Nazi” comes from the name of Hitler’s political party — the National Socialist German Workers Party. They were the very definition of authoritarian government power to crush all dissent.

That’s exactly what Justin Trudeau is doing in Canada, and what the left is doing in this country. To suggest that those supporting dissent against the government are Nazis, and that you are defending democracy when you just suspended it, takes real chutzpah!

I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. Donald Trump had a daughter who converted to Judaism, and he has three grandchildren who are being raised as Jews. But the Israel-hating left called him a Nazi, too. The America-hating left also tried to smear the “America First” Trump as a puppet of Russia.

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