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Publisher’s Note: We are sad to report the passing of our longtime friend and writer, Burt Prelutsky, a devoted Patriot Post contributor since 2009. Burt’s astuteness, sarcasm, and patriotism were evident in each and every column. This is his next to last article. Please lift his family up in prayer during this difficult time.

By Burt Prelutsky ~

The “climate change” crowd promoted the idea that it was all the fault of excessive carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

The cyclones that leveled parts of Kentucky, Arkansas and a few neighboring states, killing scores of Americans, was bad enough. Making it even worse is that the “climate change” crowd was able to use it to promote the idea that it was all the fault of excessive carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

People like Joe Biden, Al Gore, AOC and Greta Thunberg have spent years trying to convince the rest of us that the very gas that promotes the growth and survival of both plants and animals on earth is a pollutant.

In order to gain support for their insanity, they use every natural calamity as proof of their false claims exactly the way that the anti-Second Amendment pinheads employ every school shooting as proof that guns are the culprits, not the evil and crazy people who misuse them.

As you may have noticed, dummies like actor Mark Ruffalo, FEMA administrator Deanne Criswell and Joe Biden couldn’t wait to blame climate change for the devastation caused by the convergence of four cyclones.

The same folks used to blame such events on “global warming,” but that was too limiting because it left them out on a limb when the weather cooled down. With the all-encompassing “climate change,” they had all their bases covered, and they could frighten people every single time there was a cyclone, a snowstorm, a hurricane, a tidal wave, a drought, or an earthquake, pretending that such things hadn’t occurred through all of recorded history and even before that.

I can see the lunkheads in Hollywood producing a movie starring the hammy Mark Ruffalo as Noah, showing him peering out at the rain and muttering “This darn climate change! I guess I better get started on the ark.”

Nicaragua has severed diplomatic relations with Taiwan at the behest of Communist China, leaving only 14 nations willing to risk offending the evil Communist empire. Of all the sins that a nation, or an individual for that matter, can be accused of, moral cowardice must be ranked near the top.

Speaking of which, the Pentagon recently discharged 27 members of the Air Force because of their refusal to be vaccinated. The military isn’t even allowing exemptions for religious reasons. But people like Gen. Mark Milley who oversaw the disastrous and shameful retreat from Afghanistan, and those responsible for the drone attack in Afghanistan that blew up a white SUV, killing 11 people, including eight children, are allowed to remain unpunished and in uniform.

Ours is a military that remains focused on being all-inclusive, with our generals concentrating on making gays, women, and transgenders feel welcome, and designing uniforms for pregnant female pilots.

God help us if the Chinese ever decide they’re tired of avoiding confrontation with “the greatest military force on the face of the earth.” The last time a military was as over-hyped as ours, it was the British redcoats, and we all know how that turned out.

Once again, Time magazine has passed me by, bestowing their Person of the Year title on Elon Musk.

If I say it’s a miscarriage of justice, it’s not sour grapes. At least not entirely. It’s not on my own behalf that I question their selection. After all, on those occasions when they’ve chosen people like Hitler or Mussolini, they’ve taken great pains to explain that they are not honoring the Best, but simply the person who has been the most newsworthy in a given year.

Say what you will about Mr. Musk, he has not been the biggest newsmaker in 2021. That distinction belongs to Joe Biden, the man responsible for destroying our economy; for allowing two million illegal aliens to flood across our border; introducing fascism to the country in the form of mask mandates; and turning our energy independence on its head by shutting down pipelines and making us once again dependent on the Arabs for our oil.

New York state’s mandates, which, like those of the Pentagon’s, don’t allow for religious exemptions, was allowed to stand by the U.S. Supreme Court when the justices refused to hear the case.

It raises the question of how these overpaid goofballs who are allowed to wear their bathrobes to work see their role in the system. It is not, as Chief Justice John Roberts seems to believe, to avoid controversy at all costs. I know he fears that if the Court takes its duties seriously, the Democrats may seek their revenge by imposing term limits or packing the Court by adding four new members, but with such tiny majorities in Congress, the Democrats aren’t about to do anything.

It is shameful that the Court is content to sit idly by while Governor Hochul and the New York state legislature denies health workers their religious rights under the First Amendment.

Or is it that the justices appointed by President Trump are trying, perhaps a little too hard, to prove they’re not as conservative as Liberals have portrayed them?

All over the nation, left-wing mayors and governors are using the Omicron variant as the latest excuse to reinstall mask mandates and shutdowns, even though there has only been a single death in the entire world that has been attributed to it.

In the meantime, Anthony Fauci, who has spent the past two years rehearsing for his role as the Grinch who stole Christmas, recently announced “People should insist that their guests provide proof of vaccinations before being allowed to enter their home.”

What will it take before people fully grasp how evil the beagle-torturing, Wuhan lab-funding, egotistical little skunk is?

Being pretty darn old myself, I would like to think that with age comes wisdom, but how can I when we are being led around by the likes of Fauci (81), Biden (79), Maxine Waters (82) and Nancy Pelosi (81)?

But it’s not as simple as that. Otherwise, we could expect better of Kamala Harris (57), Adam Schiff (61), Eric Swalwell (41), Ilhan Omar (39), Rashida Tlaib (45) and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (32).

I believe that as a general rule, young creeps don’t improve with age. They simply become old or at least older creeps. David Frum, who now works for the Atlantic magazine, but used to be one of George W. Bush’s advisors who pushed for the ill-advised invasion of Iraq, recently suggested that hospitals should “Quietly offer triage emergency care to the unvaccinated last.”

So, according to Herr Frum, people who have decided not to get boosters because of religious considerations or the risk to female reproductive organs should be allowed to die. It’s reminiscent of Zeke Emanuel, Obama’s number one medical advisor, who suggested that surgeries should be denied to the elderly because it was a waste of medical funds.

No matter how bad the crime situation may be in your city, it can’t be worse than what we have here in Los Angeles.

As L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva reported to Tucker Carlson, in 2021 his department conducted investigations leading to 12,000 arrests that D.A. George Gascon refused to prosecute.

During the same period, carjackings and robberies skyrocketed, and homicides went up 40%.

In addition, because morale has plummeted under Gascon, scores of assistant district attorneys are leaving, allowing Gascon to replace them with public defenders, a bunch of incompetents who share Gascon’s disdain for law enforcement.

You have to hand it to George Soros. He knows how to spend his money. It only cost him about two million dollars to get Gascon elected, and he managed to destroy one of America’s biggest cities.

Speaking of Gascon, his accent has long had me confused, so I looked him up and discovered he emigrated with his family to the U.S. from Cuba in 1967, when he was 13 years old. Perhaps he, like Soros, the Hungarian vulgarian who, at an equally impressionable age, fell under the spell of Nazism, had already become enamored of the despotic Fidel Castro.

My favorite recent meme stated that “To applaud a politician because he has built a hospital, a school or a road with public funds, is the same as applauding an ATM because it gives you your money.”

Burt Prelutsky is a columnist at The Patriot Post, and is a former humor columnist for the LA Times.

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