Energy And Environmental Newsletter – September 16th 2019

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John Droz JrBy John Droz, Jr ~

This is the latest Energy Related newsletter from John Droz.

Greed Energy Economics:
How AWEA misrepresents the cost of wind energy
California raises the caution flag on ‘green jobs’
Sometimes, a greener grid means a 40,000% spike in power prices
McKinsey Report: Renewables Threaten German Economy & Energy Supply
2018 investment in renewables 12% down on 2017
Cuomo’s pricey wind-power gift to unions
German Wind Industry In A Coma

Turbine Health Matters:
Insect borne diseases increase as turbines kill a natural predator: bats
Judges advise wind developer to comply with WHO turbine noise standards
Short video: RN Testifies About Apparent Local Turbine Health Consequences
Excellent Lecture: Turbine Infrasound and Low-Frequency Noise
Concerns Raised about Turbine Health Impacts at WNY Forum

Renewable Energy Destroying Ecosystems:
Report Blames Wind Turbines For Bird Slaughter
Unfurling The Waste Problem Caused By Wind Energy

Miscellaneous Energy News:
12 Reasons Why Wind & Solar Power Make No Sense
Russia Announces Plans for Coal-Digging Surge
Good Short Video: Battery Fantasy
Letter: Transitioning to a Non-Fossil Fuel Economy
Renewables Reality: Isn’t It Time We Faced Up to It?
Can wind turbines blow away Radar weather warnings?
Fascinating short video: Top countries for oil production, last 30+ years
Pilloried for telling truth on renewable problems
Free-Market Groups Urge Reform of National Environmental Policy Act
Green energy: why wind power will never be the answer
New Good Book: Energy Made Easy
New York Politicians Running on Empty and Denying It
Gov Cuomo’s energy policies are counterproductive for the climate
NY Bill would require local referendum on energy projects
Wind power projects running into opposition
German wind energy stalls amid public resistance and regulatory hurdles
Obsession With Intermittent Wind & Solar Renders Germany the Blackout Nation
Norway’s electric car miracle is a smug national fraud
California Dems Overzealous Actions on Energy Could Cost Them at the Polls
Hey Democratic Candidates: Are You Going To Ban All Fossil Fuels?
The Hamptons Love Green Energy — But That Wind Project?

Miscellaneous Energy News— Nuclear:
President’s Letter re Nuclear Energy Fuel Research
Nuclear Power And The 2020 Presidential Candidates
Warren: We’ll Replace Nuclear with Renewables
Why California May Go Nuclear
California assemblyman wants to classify nuclear power as renewable
Inquiry into the prerequisites for nuclear energy in Australia

Miscellaneous Energy News— Solar:
12 Reasons Why Wind & Solar Power Make No Sense
Solar energy badly harms the environment. It must be taxed, not subsidized
Solar Goons buy, own NC GOP while beating up conservatives
Newly-built NC solar project damaged by weakened Dorian winds
Solar panels: Thousands of customers complain
Tesla Solar Debacle Is Explained by Vanity Fair and Walmart
California Sunsets Bring Solar Woes
Trees or solar panels?
Australia slashes output of five big solar farms by half due to voltage issues

Miscellaneous Energy News— Offshore Wind:
Vineyard Wind and Politicians vs Fishing Industry
Vineyard Wind Races Against the Clock

Manmade Global Warming Articles:
Study: Propagation of Error and the Reliability of Global Air Temperature Projections
The Cynical Myth of a Global Warming “Consensus”
How Faux Environmental Concern Hides Desire to Rule the World
Climate hysteria is a great opportunity to teach children to ask questions
The New Road to Serfdom
Michael Mann’s Tree-Ring Circus
NASA admits climate change occurs because of changes in Earth’s solar orbit
A short good video about Polar Bears: The Death of a Climate Icon
Victorious ruling for the Dr. Peter Ridd case
The Craziest Things Said at the CNN Climate Town Hall
Study: Connections between the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda
Short video: Does the IPCC Include Solar Physics in their Reports?
New Studies: Scientists Find Human Contribution To Warming Less Than 0.02°C
Study: Climate Change — In search of the truth
Climate change stripped bare
One of the most significant developments in the climate debate in decades
Michael Mann Loses Lawsuit
Short Video: Climate Call Out
It’s official: No U.S. warming since at least 2005
227 children were ‘killed to stop bad weather’
Meteorologist warns against blaming Hurricane Dorian on climate change
Amazon rain forests are burning at a record rate. NASA disagrees
NASA: Global Wildfires Drop By 25% Since 2003
It’s time to whack greenhouse gas Endangerment Finding
St Greta of Thunberg – Her Gospel Is Pure Propaganda; Her Cause Is Evil
Air Conditioning — Saving Lives but Getting No Love
A Famine of Fact at U.N. Climate Panel
Media Ignores Climate Alarmist’s Court Loss — It Doesn’t Fit Their Agenda
Climate Change Explained by a Physicist Using Spectra
German Ministers Who Don’t Enforce Green Policies May Face Jail Sentences
Washington Post Uses Dubious Data on ‘Extreme’ Climate Change
Human-Induced Climate Change — A Geoscientist’s View
It May Be Too Late To Halt the Climate Change Town Hall On CNN
Climate Change Could Be a Problem in 2020 … for Democrats
Were Dems’ Climate Platform a  Religion it Would Be a Sham
The Real Loser of the Democratic Presidential Candidate Climate Change Debate
WMO Secretary-General Rejects Climate “Doomsters and Extremists”
James Cook University ordered to pay scientist Peter Ridd $1.2 million for unlawfully dismissing him
Propagation of Error and the Reliability of Global Air Temperature Projections
There is NO climate emergency!
Climate Change Hyperbole Changes the Landscape of New York
Trump’s Science Advisor: Climate Scientists Must Improve Climate Models
Serious mismatches continue between science and policy in forest bioenergy
Swedish Researcher Advocates Eating Human Flesh to Combat Climate Change
Buckets of Icy Cold Reality
Climate Changing for the Better
Short video: Does the IPCC Include Solar Physics in their Reports?

Science, Education, Politics, and Miscellaneous Related Articles:
China’s Economy and Its Effect on the U.S. Economy
Before Weather Was a Science
Short video: How AJ+ is trying to undermine America
Today’s parents need a trophy child
Good Grieve! America’s Grade Inflation Culture
Dr. Happer retired last week
Report: The US-China economic relationship
Big Business: A Losing Strategy (BTR’s Statement)
Google discriminates against conservatives and climate skeptics
Brain-reading tech is coming. The law is not ready to protect us.
The Left is Sabotaging our Educational Systems
Can American Higher Education Be Restored?
Short video: Is College Worth It?
California Wants to Teach Your Kids that Capitalism Is Racist
NERC finds first remote hacker interference on US grid from cyber-attack
A Nation in Crisis


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