Energy And Environmental Newsletter – July 8th 2019

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John Droz JrBy John Droz, Jr ~

This is the latest Energy Related newsletter from John Droz.

Greed Energy Economics:

Study: The Levelized Cost of Electricity from Existing Generation Resources

Report: Cost Shifting is the Name of the Game for Wind & Solar

Report: How Resources are Selected and Prices Set in Wholesale Electricity Markets

Batteries Not Included; The True Levelized Cost of Renewables

Disentangling the Renewable Energy Scam

Resources for Making the Case against Carbon Taxes

Big Surprise: US PTC extension bill introduced

GE Renewable Energy struggles to return from losses

GDP – Gross Environmental Damage = actual wealth creation

Climate hawk Republicans are wrong to look to carbon tax as Green New Deal alternative

Turbine Health Matters:

Study: Investigation of blade–tower interaction noise

Families forced to leave their homes near wind project

Without a shadow of a doubt turbine infrasound is causing ill-health

Renewable Energy Destroying Ecosystems:

Why Climate Activists Threaten Endangered Species With Extinction

NC bill setting up plan to retire spent solar panels

A Climate Conundrum: The Wind Farm Vs. The Eagle’s Nest

Miscellaneous Energy News:

Excellent Short Video: Proposed Virginia Solar Project

Why the global fossil-fuel phase-out is a fantasy akin to time travel

ACE Rule Massive Improvement over Clean Power Plan

Important Short Video: California Energy Delusion

Very Good Short Video: Thank you AOC!

A landmark legal case: Kansas residents stop major wind project

US Supreme Court Property Rights Changes (could affect those near wind projects)

US EPA’s Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) Rule

Think Tanks’ Statement on the Affordable Clean Energy Rule

Inefficiency and Hazardous Nature of Wind Energy Impedes Renewable Crusade

2018 World Report: record CO2 levels; new gas units outstrip wind & solar

As United States Divide, the Green New Deal Could Be Democrats’ Undoing in 2020

Solar Power to Hit the Wall

Biden Recycles Failed Energy Policy

Trump’s green reelection pitch takes shape

Wood Chip Plants Have 2x and 4.x the CO2 of Coal and Gas Plants

California’s green, insider, pay-to-play politics is about to get worse

The American Retreat, Part I: Oil

NYS Town Passes a Six Month Wind Moratorium

Conflicts Entangle NYS Energy Authority

Battery Storage – An Infinitesimally Small Part of Electrical Power

The Science is Clear: Gas is Critically Important to Climate Change

Great Lakes Icebreaker Wind Project: More Troubles

Iron Nitride Permanent Magnet, Alternative to Rare Earth Magnets

10 Times HBO’s ‘Chernobyl’ Got the Science Wrong

Nuclear scientist: HBO’s ‘Chernobyl’ a lesson in sensationalism

Miscellaneous Energy News— New York’s Green Manifesto:

N.Y. lawmakers agree to unprecedentedly regressive climate plan

Heads in the clouds on climate change

The NY climate bill will further harm the upstate economy

Commentary on NY’s 2019 Climate and Community Protection Act

New York State’s energy future: Lighting candles?

New York Unleashes a Green Monster

NY’s Climate Bill’s Cost will be felt in Upstate NY

NY Passes Very Expensive Climate Change Bill to Cut Global CO2 0.3% Over 30 Years

Green Monster Could Eat NY

A bogus climate-change law from New York’s cynical leaders

New York’s CCPA Is All Hat and No Cattle — Empty Green Virtue Signaling

NY’s Climate Change Law Is Even Worse Than I Thought

NY Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act Belongs in the Fireplace

New York Passes Green New Deal-Style Climate Plan

Emissions Going Higher in New York Due to Green Political Correctness

How NY’s Far-Reaching Climate Legislation Could Impact Small Businesses

Can New York hit its environmental goals?

Here is the coalition of NYS activists taking credit for this absurdity

Manmade Global Warming Articles:

Dr. Curry: Climate scientists’ motivated reasoning

Climate Scientists Fiddling the Data Again & Again & Again & Again

Study: Scrutinizing the carbon cycle and CO2 residence time in the atmosphere

200+ New 2019 Papers Support a Skeptical Position on Climate Change

No Evidence That Climate Change Causes Weather Extremes: (1) Drought

No Evidence That Climate Change Causes Weather Extremes: (2) Floods

What I Learned on My Undercover Mission Among the Greenies

Climate Scientist Slams GW Claims: Based On “Untrustworthy, Falsified Data”

Geologist: 25 Bullet Points Proving CO2 Does Not Cause Global Warming

Archive Study: Wind Energy Does Little to Reduce CO2 Emissions

90 Leading Italian Scientists Sign Petition: CO2 Impact On Climate “Unjustifiably Exaggerated”

Adjusted “Unadjusted” Data: NASA Uses The “Magic Wand Of Fudging”

Four More Cases Where Scientists Have Warmed The Earth

Physicist Credits Nuclear Power over Wind and Solar for Addressing Climate

50 Years of Apocalyptic Global Warming Predictions and Why People Still Believe Them

Pope gets schooled: Carbon dioxide not a ‘satanic’ gas

Five most over-the-top climate warnings

Climate Red Team Argument Heats Up: Koonin responds to Schmidt

Some Tricks Climate Alarmists Play

Climate-Change Millerites

The AGW Alarmist Case: A Crash Course on Climate Change

Ambitious 2050 climate goal relegated to footnote at EU summit

Priceless Crisis

Media Attacks Should Be a Signal to Trump: Focus on Flawed Climate Science

UN Climate Talks Fail To Adopt Contentious IPCC Report

Reframing: From “Climate Change” to “Climate Emergency”

Selling the Overpopulation Issue: Why Climate Change Gets So Much More Attention

Carbon-emitting gas, not renewables, is replacing U.S. nuclear

Climateers: If You Mean It, You Should Love Natural Gas

Deniers and Charlatans

UCS Climate Liability Survey Findings Based on Flawed Methodology

Climate Alarmists Need to Get Real Lives, Real Facts

Hurricanes have always been bad — why aren’t they worse?

Open Your Eyes. The Planet’s Not Dying (At Least Not Here in America.)

How trees could save the climate

Scientists Find Hard Evidence Cosmic Rays Influence Earth’s Climate

A different SLR report: Rotational Eustasy as Understood in Physics

UK Labour Party Promises Climate Communism

Marxism in Green Clothes, Kept Alive in Australia

Science, Education, Politics, and Miscelanneous Related Articles:

Op-Ed: Trump’s Lack Of Decorum, Dignity And Statesmanship

2019 Facts and Figures: How Does Your US State Compare?

The Internet Has Made Dupes—and Cynics—of Us All

Report: The Economic Effects of Federal Deregulation since January 2017

Playing Fast and Loose with the Economic Facts

Atonement as Activism

Why Is UNC Funding a ‘Hub for Social Justice?’

The Indignity of Universal Basic Income

Our National Debt: The Avoided Question

California Wildfires Key Recommendations to Prevent Future Disasters

Two-Thirds of American Employees Regret Their College Degrees

Saving the Planet with a Mac

Reforming Higher Education: A Reading List

Common Reading Programs: Political Fluff for Freshmen

Dr. James Dobson Sets the Record Straight About the Border Crisis


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