2020 Is the Critical Mass Election

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Will leftist indoctrination in politics, business, media, Hollywood, and academia finally bear fruit?  ~

The first two Democrat Party presidential debates last week were almost surreal. These contenders for the Oval Office openly espouse abortion up to the moment of birth, gun confiscation, free college, reparations for black, Native, and homosexual Americans, student-loan forgiveness, and the elimination of private health insurance for Americans, even though they’re willing to insure illegal aliens — who should be allowed to cross the border without consequences. Democrats are now so openly radical, even the virulently Never-Trump David Brooks is wringing his hands. “The party is moving toward all sorts of positions that drive away moderates and make it more likely the nominee will be unelectable,” he laments. Is that true? Perhaps. Or perhaps Democrats believe the 2020 presidential contest is the “Critical Mass Election” where decades of leftist indoctrination in politics, business, media, Hollywood, and academia finally bear fruit.

We begin with politics. During the entire tenure of his administration, Barack Obama’s 2008 promise to “fundamentally transform the United States of America” was pursued with vigor, right up to and through the 2016 election, where Democrats made it clear they were willing to do virtually anything— undermine the Electoral College, initiate articles of impeachment, invoke the Logan Act, the Emoluments Clause, and the 25th Amendment, or precipitate a 22-month, $35 million “Russian collusion” investigation — to overturn President Donald Trump’s election. And while they’ve have been spectacularly unsuccessful, two sobering realties intrude: one, Hillary Clinton, despite a documented record of wholesale corruption, and a horrendous presidential campaign where she dismissed half the nation as “deplorable,” still won the popular vote by a considerable margin. And two, Democrats handily captured the House in the 2018 midterms.

No doubt Republicans’ ineptitude, highlighted by their failure to repeal ObamaCare despite more than 50 promises to do so, contributed to the Democrats’ victory. And while Democrats are the party of illegal immigrants, Republicans are their accomplices, having failed to address the issue for the two years they had complete control after the 2016 election.

The Right’s fallback position is that Democrats “stole” many of those House seats, mostly in California, where ballot harvesting is now legal. Yet Republicans still sit idly by while states like New York and California issue pathway-to-voting drivers’ licenses to illegals, and they remain on board with increasing the number of Democrat-voting legal immigrants to satisfy their Chamber of Commerce campaign contributors, looking to undercut American workers’ wages.

Thus, while Trump stands out, Republicans themselves are making it increasingly impossible to be seen as a viable alternative to Democrat radicalism — especially when they can’t even point out that Democrats’ entire set of “principles” begins and ends with “win by any means necessary.” Thus, Democrats could prevail in 2020, simply because conservative Americans, disgusted with being unrepresented — or constantly betrayed — stay home.

Business? No doubt Democrats view the virulent combination of corporate virtue-signaling and Silicon Valley’s coordinated censorship of conservative positions — along with the documented evidence that they’re willing tomanipulate their platforms to undermine Trump in the next election — as a righteous effort. At the very least, they remain confident that most of theglobalist agenda-supporting corporate world remains solidly on their side.

The media? Does anyone seriously think the WikiLeaks-exposed coordinationbetween “reporters” and the DNC during the 2016 presidential campaign, or two years of peddling Russian collusion falsehoods, or the assertions there was no crisis at the border — until Trump could be blamed for “Nazi-like” conditions there — were one-offs? How about the steady stream of leaks by “former and current government officials,” many of which were criminal?

This complete abandonment of journalistic integrity will continue unabated. Last weekend, The New York Times published a column by Kate Cronin-Furman, who called the detention of illegals a “mass atrocity.” She further insisted that border officials, “arguably directly responsible for torture,” be identified so they can be publicly shamed.

It is hard to know what’s worse — an unhinged woman is willing to endanger the lives of immigration enforcement officials and their families, or an equally demented Times editorial board giving her a platform to do so. Regardless, Democrats doubtlessly remain confident the entire Democrat/Media Complex will be pushing similarly demonizing agendas — along with increasingly blatant propaganda — as the election cycle moves into full swing.

Hollywood? Suffice it to say the steady barrage of entertainment celebrating leftist values, while denigrating those on the Right, remains unrelenting. Yet once again the Right is not blameless, as many conservatives who highlight the mindless vapidness of celebrities seem unaware that making them important enough to pay attention to simultaneously gives them credibility.

Which brings us to the proverbial 800-pound gorilla. Nothing gives “Critical Mass Election” more credence than theabject surrender of the nation’s education system by the American Right to the American Left for the last 50 years.

There are now millions of younger Americans who believe our nation is an inherently bigoted construct, where racist, sexist, toxic, privileged bitter-clingers have held sway, while suppressing wholly virtuous, thoroughly victimized minorities. This cohort of semi-literate, semi-numerate, ahistorical Americans, whose cultivated ignorance is exceeded only by their everyone-gets-a trophy-enabled arrogance, is now firmly convinced that the “content of one’s character,” as opposed to the “color of one’s skin” — or one’s sexual preferences, gender identity, eco-awareness, etc. — is a nonsensical proposition.

Instead, the social-justice warrior set and their enablers fully embrace meritocracy-be-damned, intersectional politics, often expressed by mask-wearing punks allowed to riot with impunity.

Democrats are more than willing to accommodate them.

And when one combines this cohort of perpetually aggrieved Americans with an American underclass wholly dependent on a welfare state that is also steadily expanding? It is no longer unreasonable for Democrats to envision 51% of the electorate standing in their socialist/Marxist corner.

“Never in its 243-year history has the United States faced such a stark political contrast or threat to its founding principles,” columnist Steve McCann asserts.

Only if stark contrasts and threats are perceivable as such in a nation where millions now believe political incorrectness and bigotry are interchangeable terms, where “hate speech” can be suppressed, and the insufficiently “woke” can be spit at or viciously assaulted.

“Americans who love America — or just love reason or truth or real people, as opposed to abstract ideas — cannot justify voting Democrat in 2020,” assertscolumnist Dennis Prager.

No doubt. But who can deny there are millions of Americans who not only don’t love America, but believe truth and reason are utterly irrelevant without the word “my” preceding each term?

Radio host Rush Limbaugh reveals why decent Americans should be worried. “[Democrats] aren’t trying to deceive us,” he states. “They’re flat-out in our faces.”

Only a radical movement sensing its moment is finally at hand would be that forthcoming. Hence, 2020 is the Critical Mass Election. Either those wholly contemptuous of this nation and its founding principles get thoroughly repudiated, or the “last best hope for mankind” can hang a “going out of business” sign on the Capitol Dome.

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