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Electoral College Threatened By Left Like Never Before, Sen. Jim Inhofe Says

May 21, 2021 by


By Jarrett Stepman ~ The Electoral College is under threat and the left is closer than it ever has been in getting rid of it. This was the topic of an event Wednesday at The Heritage Foundation, where speakers explained why the Electoral College is so important, how it has been a bulwark of a […]

HYPOCRITES: NY Times Sees Danger To Electors Now, Ignored Threats In 2016

December 16, 2020 by


By Clay Waters ~ On the eve of the Electoral College formalizing Joe Biden’s presidential victory, New York Times reporters Lisa Lerer and Reid Epstein focused hard on the security precautions being taken for Democratic electors on the front page of Monday edition: “An Honor Becomes an Ordeal as Harried Electors Finally Meet.” But in […]

All Legal Votes Matter

November 15, 2020 by


Patrick Hampton    ~ Some key thoughts on the importance of a fair electoral process. The 2020 presidential election is officially a dumpster fire filled with American votes. It’s time we understand why protecting our fair electoral process today ensures our constitutional republic for the future. The Democrat-run mainstream media spent nearly all of President […]

2020 Is the Critical Mass Election

July 7, 2019 by


Will leftist indoctrination in politics, business, media, Hollywood, and academia finally bear fruit?  ~ Arnold Ahlert  ~   The first two Democrat Party presidential debates last week were almost surreal. These contenders for the Oval Office openly espouse abortion up to the moment of birth, gun confiscation, free college, reparations for black, Native, and homosexual Americans, student-loan […]

Video: The Electoral College and Why It’s So Important

April 12, 2019 by


A lot of people don’t seem to understand why the Electoral College matters. ~  Media Editors    ~   If problem viewing when clicking on the above image try the following URL (Link). Read and view more informative and FACTual (Not FAKE) articles and videos at The Patriot Post  

Rigging Electoral Demo-Graphics to Guarantee Leftist Rule

April 11, 2019 by


The Demo strategy to transform our Constitutional Republic into a permanent populist democracy. ~ Mark Alexander  ~     “An elective despotism was not the government we fought for.” —James Madison (1788) Every day since Donald Trump’selectoral victory over Hillary Clintonin November of 2016, leaders of the now-socialist Democrat Party and their deranged legions of “useful idiots” have claimed that the election […]

The Intellectual Dishonesty Of The Campaign Against The Electoral College

April 11, 2019 by


By Jarrett Stepman ~ A full-blown war is raging against the Electoral College. But as activist groups become more desperate to overturn our way of electing presidents before voters go the polls in November 2020, their arguments become more absurd and hyperbolic. CNN recently ran a preposterous segment suggesting that James Madison called the Electoral […]

Beto-Bernie — The 2020 Version of Obama-Biden

March 21, 2019 by


A Beto-Bernie ticket would create a formidable socialist tag team to oppose Trump. ~ Mark Alexander  ~      “If a nation expects to be ignorant — and free — in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.” —Thomas Jefferson (1816) At this point, 10 months from the Iowa […]

Progressive Activists Look To Courts To Undermine The Electoral College

March 5, 2018 by


By Jarrett Stepman ~ Having failed to generate enough support to abolish the Electoral College through a constitutional amendment, the institution’s detractors are now looking to the courts to upend it. A new lawsuit, spearheaded by Harvard University law professor Lawrence Lessig and filed in four states, charges that the “winner-take-all” element of how states […]

Coup Attempt Fails. Electoral College Elects Trump

December 20, 2016 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ The campaign by Leftist celebrities to persuade Electoral College voters to ignore the election result and install Hillary Clinton as president has failed. And while two of 306 college voters pledge to Donald Trump did vote for someone else, Clinton was deserted by four. Shame on them all. Three of Clinton’s […]

4 Ways Congress Sought To Change Or Scrap The Electoral College

December 19, 2016 by


By Fred Lucas ~ On Monday, 538 presidential electors selected by voters on Nov. 8 will choose a president when the Electoral College votes in states across the country. This year marks the fifth time in history the popular vote winner lost the presidency. The other elections were in 1824, 1876, 1888, and 2000. Though […] Electoral College Is ‘Democracy’s Ugliest Anachronism’

December 16, 2016 by


By Matthew Balan ~ A Thursday op-ed on outlined a proposal to “not only…end a Trump administration, but also to eradicate democracy’s ugliest anachronism — the Electoral College.” Scott Piro hoped against hope that a group of Trump electors would switch their vote to Hillary Clinton, in order to gain “the bipartisan support needed […]

Liberal Media Election Hypocrisy: Slate Editor In NYT Calls For Overturning Election Results

December 15, 2016 by


By Clay Waters ~ Again showing the hypocrisy of its trumped-up contempt for Donald Trump’s pre-emptive, hypothetical questioning of the election results back when it looked like Hillary Clinton would roll, The New York Times (via a Slate editor) again fostered the fight to keep Trump out of the White House and undemocratically install his Democratic […]

The Popular Vote Fallacy Of The 2016 Presidential Election

December 13, 2016 by


By Anton Lang ~ There really is nothing like a sore loser. Even now, seven weeks after the actual election, those Democrat supporters are still running with the meme that Hillary Clinton should be President because she won the Popular Vote. Prior to the election those same Democrat supporters, safe in the knowledge that Hillary […]

Blogger: Electoral College Should Reject Trump Because He’s A ‘Menacing Incompetent’

November 30, 2016 by


By Tom Johnson ~ Hillary Clinton’s popular-vote margin continues to be a compelling news story for some, including Harvard law professor Lawrence Lessig, who believes that the Electoral College should vote next month for Clinton because she was “the people’s choice.” (He also considers Hillary “the most qualified candidate for president in more than a […]

Why The 2016 Election Proves America Needs The Electoral College

November 15, 2016 by


By Jarrett Stepman ~ Background from Australia: There’s a 15 hour time difference between the U.S. and where I live here in Australia, so the actual counting for the results started here in Australia at around 9AM on the Wednesday morning, and I watched it all day at the Politico site, where it had the […]

Why We Use Electoral College, Not Popular Vote

November 8, 2016 by


By Jarrett Stepman ~ The Electoral College remains in place over two centuries after the framers of the Constitution empowered it to select presidents. Though occasionally maligned, this system of electing a chief executive has been incredibly successful for the American people. Many modern voters might be surprised to learn that when they step into […]

One Nation, One Election, One Set of Rules

September 21, 2011 by


Approaching the year of a national election, Senate Republicans and Gov. Tom Corbett are promoting an idea to change how PA’s electoral votes will be allocated. Click here  for more about the history of the Electoral College on the National Archives web site. Currently, PA and 47 other states allocate all of their electoral votes […]

Our Hardly Working Goverment Hard at Work? + More

August 2, 2010 by


The Patriot Post Brief The Foundation “The public cannot be too curious concerning the characters of public men.” –Samuel Adams Re: The Left “There’s something in the water, if not the Scotch and bourbon, at the House Ways and Means Committee, and a procession of chairmen just couldn’t resist taking deep draughts of whatever it […]

Arizona’s Immigration Law Blocked + More

July 30, 2010 by


The Patriot Post Digest The Foundation “Born in other countries, yet believing you could be happy in this, our laws acknowledge, as they should do, your right to join us in society, conforming, as I doubt not you will do, to our established rules. That these rules shall be as equal as prudential considerations will […]

Poll Results: Should the Electoral College vote for McCain due to Obama’s many Illegal Voters?

December 23, 2008 by


Poll Results Our readers have spoken! In our unscientific poll the overwhelming majority of our voters were in favor of the Electoral College NOT Voting for Obama due to all the ILLEGAL Shenanigans he pulled. Only 9% were in favor of voting for the Illegal Obama! Please note: Since multiple choices were allowed the total […]

How Should the Electoral College Vote?

December 4, 2008 by


Fuzzy Math 101 by Senator Clinton

May 22, 2008 by


Photo by veni markovski Public It would appear that after Senator Clinton’s big win in West Virginia a week ago that she’d made a net gain of 7 pledged delegates but by week’s end that had resulted in a net loss of 5 delegates as the superdelegates began to break hard for Senator Obama. Coming […]