The Leftists’ War on Science

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I’m sure I’m not the only person who has noticed that despite those on the Left always claiming to be highly intelligent and ruled by scientific fact, not like all those dummies who take the Bible seriously, the stuff they claim to believe is far less likely than God’s parting of the Red Sea or Jesus multiplying the loaves and fishes.

What makes the foolishness of liberals so dangerous is that, by denying university jobs and federal grants to serious scientists, they force the others to parrot their dogmatic lies or face unemployment.

Just consider the past four decades. In the ‘70s, we were told, among other things, that we should expect a new Ice Age; that the world’s population was exploding so rapidly, we would soon run out of living space; that DDT, a benign pesticide, was a deadly poison, which resulted in its disappearance and the inevitable outbreak of malaria around the globe.

A little later, snake oil salesman Al Gore conned a few billion people into believing the icebergs would melt, leading oceans to rise 20 feet, drowning polar bears and submerging our coastal cities. When none of that happened within the proscribed 10 years, Gore and his lap dogs in the media and the so-called climate sciences, started claiming that the climate wasn’t simply heating up, it was changing. That didn’t sound as scary as heating up, but it was more useful because it could be dragged out as a boogeyman whenever there was an earthquake, a flood, a hurricane, a tidal wave, a warmer than usual summer or a harsher than usual winter.

We were also assured along the way that fossil fuels were finite, and that unless we managed to convert an industrial society to one being powered entirely by the sun and wind, our future would consist of being bossed around by the sheiks of a few oil-rich cesspools. Today, much to the chagrin of the Chicken Littles, the U.S. is the largest oil and natural gas-producing nation in the world.

The Bible tells us that Jesus could walk on water. Those on the Left tell us that unless the U.S. signs up for the Paris Climate Accords, we’re none of us long for this world. I’m not even religious, but I find the Bible far more believable.

Recently, the fake news dispensers were donning party hats and tossing confetti in the air for 24 hours, thanks to BuzzFeed’s reporting that sleazy shyster Michael Cohen had ratted out his former client, Donald Trump. According to BuzzFeed, Cohen told federal prosecutors that Trump had ordered him to lie under oath to Congress. If true, that would have meant that President Trump had suborned perjury, which is an impeachable offense.

But, of course, it wasn’t true. That’s because Robert Mueller, who’s no friend of Trump’s and has devoted the past two years to trying to crucify the President, said it wasn’t true.

It was shocking that Mueller had broken his silence to make the announcement, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the lying muckrakers stop assuring us that Mueller is a paragon of virtue and judicial integrity and start attacking him as a big party pooper.

What some of the more honest media poohbahs did was to suddenly recall that BuzzFeed was the same sleazy outfit that had published the fraudulent Russian dossier, bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC, and used to obtain FISA warrants by the coven of traitors at the Justice Department, the FBI, the CIA and NASA.

The nine-day teachers strike ended here in L.A. That was unfortunate. The public schools provide life lessons similar to those provided by Russian gulags, and the re-education camps run by China, Cambodia and North Korea. The public schools in my town, just like the ones in yours, are indoctrination centers, whose mission statements call for them to churn out obedient little Socialists, who have the math and language skills of chimpanzees.

What you can’t fail to notice, whether these strikes take place in L.A., Chicago, New York or San Francisco, is that the teachers always claim they’re walking the line for the kids. It’s always for the kids, never for the money. Well, maybe a little bit for the money, but here in L.A., they added smaller class sizes to their list of demands.

And while it can be acknowledged that kids benefit from smaller classes if they were actually being taught and not being brainwashed, it should also be acknowledged that smaller class sizes means fewer tests to grade and fewer dumb papers to read. So, those picket signs should have actually read: “More Money, Less Work.”

There was a novel notion among the ancient Greeks that those that the gods love die young, the idea being that there were those people who were so awful that the gods despised them as much or more than their fellow humans did and were equally unhappy about having to spend more time than was absolutely necessary in their presence.

I’m not saying the old Greeks were right, but it might help explain how it is that the likes of Hosni Mubarak (90), Jimmy Carter (94), Robert Mugabe (95), Ruth Bader Ginsburg (85) and George Soros (88), are still hanging around.

I realize it’s not a hard and fast rule. After all, Queen Elizabeth is 92 and some of my readers are getting up there, as, come to think of it, am I.

I wish President Trump well when he meets for a second time with Kim Jong-un, but I don’t hold out much hope that Kim Jong-un will ever agree to give up his nuclear program, although I’m sure that he will have a much harder time conning Trump into bribing him with oil, food and money, than he did when negotiating with Bill Clinton.

But what would Kim gain from giving up his nukes? North Korea is nothing more than a backward, poverty-stricken, prison camp. Without its nuclear threat, North Korea is Albania, but with a worse climate.

I recently saw a poll that most young people have entirely given up on newspapers. That would come as great news, except they’re getting their “news” from social media sites like Google, Amazon and Facebook, run by people like Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos, who are so far to the Left they make the editorial board members of the New York Times appear middle of the road.

After someone sent me yet another cartoon featuring Nancy Pelosi, it occurred to me that she is the only person I can recall who always looks better in cartoons than in real life. I imagine it’s because no cartoonist is able to capture her dithering hand gestures, reminiscent of the late Zasu Pitts, and her pinball eyes.

Finally, I wish to once again thank all of you who sent along their condolences over the passing of my wife Yvonne. Although only a few had ever met her, they let me know that her sweetness had shone through in my articles.

But there was one person who sent a beautiful potted orchid whom I was unable to thank because it arrived without a card. So, if you happen to be reading this, please send me an email and identify yourself, so I can convey my gratitude.

In closing, I’ll share an old Irish adage one of you sent me: “They have not gone from us; they have only gone before us.”