Australian Politics – Mundine’s List of Green Sabotage

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Even morons can stop mines and jobs. In fact, that’s all morons can do, since they lack the skills or drive to actually create them.

Warren Mundine, the former president of The Australian Labor Party, who is now the Liberal Party candidate for Gilmore, lists just some of the damage done by Greens whose ignorance is even greater than the self-importance that drives them:

Green activists are fighting mining, industry and agriculture every step of the way, … often with funding from foreign organisations and wealthy elites with deep pockets…

In 2013, Woodside abandoned its James Price Point gas hub after a relentless activist campaign. Native title agreements delivering $1.5 billion for business development, education, healthcare and culture for Kimberley Aboriginal communities were lost…

ACF and GetUp! are trying to prevent North Queensland’s Carmichael mine — even though it’s passed all environmental hurdles… It will create thousands of jobs and business opportunities, especially for local Aboriginal people and Townsville…

The Paris Agreement will require substantial reductions in Australia’s livestock herds. Our beef industry supports 100,000 jobs….

Last year Greens senator Lee Rhiannon led a delegation to Europe promoting the shutdown of Australia’s kangaroo meat industry….

I know several Aboriginal-owned businesses in regional Australia producing bottled mineral water from local springs on their traditional lands under threat from Greenies opposing “water mining”…

Environmentalist millionaires, Graeme Wood and Jan Cameron, purchased [Tasmania’s Triabunna pulp] mill for $10 million, outbidding a local logging company by $6 million to stop it being used for milling again. They promised to start a tourist business but never did.

Just look at the damage done by green acivists and politicians to South Australia, now our poorest state. They have banned GM food crops, blocked development of a world-class nuclear waste facility, destroyed coal-fired power stations and restricted exploration for coal-seam gas. Nuclear power is also banned.

All of these policies are based on irrational green fears. Coal-fired power is not causing dangerous global warming, coal-seam gas extraction techniques are safe, nuclear waste dumps operate safely, GM crops are safe, and nuclear power stations safely producing low-emissions power around the world.

Sadly, though, we’re increasingly putting our future in the hands of wilfully ignorant scaremongers and mystics.

I suspect this is linked to our new culture if hyper-individualism and self-obsession.

Everyone can imagine themselves stopping a nuclear power plant. Almost nobody can imagine themselves actually building one. Who has those smarts?

In fact, those who do have the smarts to build such stuff seem intimidating by their superior knowledge.

Fight them! Defend ignorance!

Andrew Bolt writes for the Herald Sun, Daily Telegraph, and The Advertiser and runs Australia’s most-read political blog. On week nights he hosts The Bolt Report on Sky News at 7pm and his Macquarie Radio show at 8pm with Steve Price.

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