Australian Politics – Victorian Election Result – Liberal Party Left Blame The Right For Liberal Party Left Defeat

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By Andrew Bolt ~

The Liberal Party Left makes no sense in exploiting the Victorian debacle.

Senate president Scott Ryan says this was “primarily a state campaign” and the state Liberals were in the “strong Liberal tradition” of Jeff Kennett – socially “liberal in their outlook”.

I think Victoria is historically a liberal state… A lot of our voters… are liberal in their outlook… They don’t want views forced upon them … I think that the Victorian division of the Liberal party has historically represented that. I think it is a strong Liberal tradition. I think it reflects the Menzies and Howard approach and the Kennett approach to government. And I think the state Liberals did that.

Yet his big message in his ABC interview was that the crashing defeat of these state Liberals in “primarily a state campaign” was in fact a repudiation of Canberra conservatives and “we’ve got to make our family broad”.


A reminder: the last time the Liberals had a huge election win in federal politics was when they promised to scrap the carbon tax and stop the boats.

That was just five years ago.

Now the Liberal Left argue that road to victory lies in promising a de facto carbon tax and being softer on asylum seekers.

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