The Popular Vote Fallacy Of The 2016 Presidential Election

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TonyfromOzProfileImageBy Anton Lang ~

There really is nothing like a sore loser.

Even now, seven weeks after the actual election, those Democrat supporters are still running with the meme that Hillary Clinton should be President because she won the Popular Vote. Prior to the election those same Democrat supporters, safe in the knowledge that Hillary would win easily, and that Trump had absolutely no chance whatsoever were saying that Donald Trump should gracefully accept the will of the people, railing against Trump when he suggested that the result may be rigged. Even Hillary Clinton followed the same line, saying that the will of the American people should be trusted, mainly because she also believed she would win.

Now, after the result, they are doing exactly what they railed against, complaining that the result is somehow wrong, just because their preferred candidate lost.

Hey, I live here in Australia, and even I can see the actual truth behind that popular vote result. So then, let’s actually look at that point, just the popular vote point here, and break it down.

On the day of the election, I watched as the results came in. It was a fairly easy thing to do, because here in Australia, we are 15 hours ahead of the U.S. Eastern State time. So while counting started on the Tuesday evening in the U.S. it was Wednesday here in Australia, and daylight, so I watched the results as they happened in real time, as they were counted. The site I used for those results was the Politico site, and that is shown at this link.

Here is a screen shot image of the end result, and from this, you can see that Hillary Clinton did, in fact, win that popular vote. The top image shows the Electoral College result. Below that image are two larger images of the totals for both Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump, and these are exact copies of what is under that main Electoral College image.








As you can see here, Hillary Clinton got 1,322,000 more popular votes than Donal Trump, and hey, even I concede that she did win the popular vote. Some sites even claim she won by more than 2.5 million votes, but as you will soon see, that is relative.

The last of the Mainland States to be counted were those on the West Coast, and far and away, the largest of those is California.

So, let’s see what those results looked like prior to the California count becoming known.

Right up to the point that the California vote started to roll in, Donald Trump was easily in front, and in front by close on two million votes.

The second largest State, Texas, went to Trump, and yet he only won that State by 750,000 votes. The third largest State, that liberal bastion of New York went solidly to Hillary Clinton, and she won that State by 1.5 Million votes, as shown in this image.


I was watching the Electoral College vote, as each State was given to each of the candidates, and while Trump was ahead on the Electoral College vote, he was also pulling ahead comfortably on that Popular Vote count.

California was the Last of the Mainland States to come into the count, and after barely 5% of the vote being counted, the State of California was given to Hillary.

At the end of the vote count on the night, now well into Wednesday morning U.S. time, Hillary had gone slightly in front on that popular vote count, but had lost the Presidential vote, as determined by the Electoral College.

The end result is as shown above, where Hillary won the popular vote by around 1.3 Million votes.

However, look here at this image showing the final vote for California, which shows that Hillary won the vote in that State by 3.4 million votes.


So, now we have Hillary winning the overall total popular vote by 1.3 Million, (or even 2.5 million if you believe some of the other sites) and that is only because of that huge vote in California.

The total turnout in California was around 11.7 million voters.

The total turnout across all the US for the Presidential vote was 124 million voters.

So, California makes up only 9.4% of the total voters.

Democrat supporters are screaming the meme that Hillary won the popular vote. In effect, what they are saying is that 9.4% of the voters should carry more weight than 90.6% of the whole Country, even including the liberal State of New York.

The are effectively saying that one State counts more than the remaining 49 States.

Perhaps one of the more astonishing things in this election is the total voter turnout. Only 54.7% of registered voters in the whole U.S. actually voted.

Democrats had the ready answer if they wanted their candidate, Hillary Clinton to win. All they had to do was to get out and actually vote. They were most probably so confident that she would win, that they thought that there was no real need for them to vote.

On the other hand, supporters of Donald Trump were now so incensed that Hillary Clinton labeled them as Deplorables, that they DID go out and vote.

Now the result came out as it did, with Donald Trump winning the Presidency, and their candidate lost, they latch onto the only thing they can, that popular vote meme.

And one last image to show what Washington insiders wanted with this election. This image below shows the result for DC, where Hillary got 92.8% of the vote to Donald Trumps 4.1%. This is Democrat Central, now in the hands of President Donald Trump.


The popular vote result may have favoured Hillary Clinton, because of the result in one State, but the candidate that most of America wanted won the election, and he won it fairly easily.

Anton Lang uses the screen name of TonyfromOz, and he writes at this site, PA Pundits International on topics related to electrical power generation, from all sources, concentrating mainly on Renewable Power, and how the two most favoured methods of renewable power generation, Wind Power and all versions of Solar Power, fail comprehensively to deliver levels of power required to replace traditional power generation. His Bio is at this link.