Barack Plays Golf. Hits Into Water Hazard

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Barack Obama played golf while Louisiana battled floods that have killed 13 people:BomaGolfing_2012-07-18-chronicle

President Barack Obama meanwhile announced he is headed to Louisiana on Tuesday, after days of criticism from some in the southern state for not visiting during the week-long ordeal, which culminated with the Republican candidate on the ground and the president still on vacation.

In 2008, Obama attacked President George Bush for not visiting drowned New Orleans immediately:

When the people of New Orleans and Gulf Coast extended their hand for help, help was not there… We can talk about levies that couldn’t hold, about a FEMA that seem not just incompetent but paralyzed and powerless, about a president who only saw the people from a window on an airplane instead of down here on the ground, trying to provide comfort and aid.

Compare the hysterical media condemnation of Bush then to the very muted coverage of Obama now.

The media bias really is so unsubtle.

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