WashPost Celebrates Anarchist Collective’s Cartoonish ‘Trump In The Nude’ Statues

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TimGrahampicture-13-1409699701By Tim Graham ~

One perennially hot story on The Washington Post website promotes an “anarchist collective” of  anti-Trump protesters and their attempt to humiliate the GOP nominee with a set of cartoonish statues of a (mostly) naked Trump. Imagine for two seconds how much ink (or cyberspace) the Post would give to a set of humiliating “Naked Hillary” statues….or imagine how much it would be denigrated as a slimy effort by male chauvinist pigs, or a part of conservative “rape culture.”

(For a dose of reality, see “WashPost puts ‘Trump That Bitch T-Shirts on Page One, Ignores Dead-Trump Tees.” )

The project is titlted “The Emperor Has No Balls,” which the Post bizarrely changed to “B—s,” as if decency is protected with a pile of photos of Naked Trump statues. Reporter (ahem, editorialist) Peter Holley is rather jolly as he recounted the protest scene. The headline was “These protesters wanted to humiliate ‘Emperor’ Trump. So they took off his clothes.”

For much of the past year, Donald Trump proved uniquely untouchable, a political force of such mind-boggling invulnerability that he even bragged about attracting voters after hypothetically shooting someone on Fifth Avenue.

Hoping to strip away the Teflon Don’s legendary confidence to reveal the fleshy mortal beneath the expensive suits and long ties, members of the anarchist collective INDECLINE decided they would showcase the aspirant president in the most humiliating way they could imagine: without his clothes.

The group unveiled life-size statues of Trump in the nude Thursday morning in public spaces in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Cleveland and Seattle.

“The Emperor Has No B—s,” as the project is called, arrives several months after the group covered stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with the names of African Americans who have been killed by police. In the past, the collective has also claimed responsibility for an anti-Trump “Rape” mural on the U.S.-Mexico border and a massive piece of graffiti art in California’s Mojave Desert.

Wait a minute, Mr. Holley. To be precise, it’s a “Rape Trump” mural, which the Los Angeles Times greeted with a similar frisson of enjoyment. (A Clinton rape mural, despite an actual accusation of rape, would never see the light of day.)

Once again, the Post granted the publicist for the protesters anonymity, apparently because mocking the Republicans with naked statues means never having to announce your name in the newspaper:

Suggesting Trump is more of a (potential) ruler than a revolutionary, the statues also poke fun at the authoritarian tendency to erect large monuments in one’s likeness.

“Like it or not, Trump is a larger-than-life figure in world culture at the moment,” said the spokesman, who discussed the project with The Washington Post on the condition of anonymity. “Looking back in history, that’s how those figures were memorialized and idolized in their time — with statues.”


Except this statue features what they call “saggy old man butt.” It’s not really accurate to call Trump “nude” in these statues, because there seems to be a strange thong space over where genitals would be, even though it appears nude from behind. This is how Holley (sort of) corrects himself:

Unlike monuments of most political figures in cities across the globe, the Trump statues are far from flattering. They’re oddly shaped, lack one key element of the male reproductive system and dramatically play down another.

The eyes scowl, the mouth pouts and the veiny, almost reptilian skin looks like it was torn off a human-size frog and dipped in bronzer.

As you can see in the above image, the placement of ads near this story on my computer did not seem at all accidental. (the only question is whether Hillary’s actually paying the Post for them)

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