Al Gore In Hawaii: Carbon Polluters ‘Immoral, Unethical, Despicable’

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By Havilah Steinman ~

Al Gore was “fired up” at the University of Hawaii in sharing his message on climate change, according to a local TV news report of a speech in which the former vice president bashed unnamed “carbon polluters” as being ”immoral, unethical, and despicable.”

Gore, wearing a bright lei around his neck, proved a pumped-up keynote speaker at a “sustainability conference” held Tuesday at the Manoa campus.

A report by KITV News includes video of Gore saying:

 What some of the large carbon polluters are doing today, spending a billion dollars a year to try to fool people, to try to make fools of people, to say all this pollution is good for you? It is also immoral, unethical, and despicable, and we need to call them to account for it.”

A lengthy and positive account in Honolulu Civil Beat noted that Gore “graced Honolulu with his presence” and won “hearty applause” many times.

“Ultimately,” Gore said in one such utterance, “we are going to win this thing.”

The reception afforded Gore baffled David Kreutzer, who writes about related misconceptions and myths  as research fellow in energy economics and climate change at The Heritage Foundation. Kreutzer said:

Here we have a jet-setting, multimansion zillionaire going messianic on his plans to ensure continued poverty for the billions of people who have little or no access to modern energy.”

Ken McIntyre contributed to this story.

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