Mark Lloyd, Racism, Localism And The Fairness Doctrine

Posted on Tue 09/29/2009 by


Yesterday we did a report on the apparently racist remarks of President Obama’s latest Czar appointment, FCC Diversity Czar Mark Lloyd.

Among the chilling remarks made by Mr. Lloyd (along with those showing his respect and admiration for Hugo Chavez) is the following:

“We’re in a position where you have to say who is going to step down so that someone else can have power.”

Lloyd is referring to the fact that in his (and probably Obama’s) opinion, the administration is in a position to dictate more minority ownership/control over media outlets.

Which of course is un-Constitutional.

And before all of you members of the Kool-Aid Brigade scream that it is within Lloyd and Obama’s power to do this, because the FCC is a government agency, let me explain something to you.

The FCC grants a license to a media outlet, be it a television or radio station, based upon certain criteria and legalities.

As long as the brodcaster stays within those guidlines, the federal government cannot even impose a fine upon the station, let alone remove it’s ownership.

Liberals as a whole froth at the mouth like a pack of rabid dogs whenever it is pointed out that talk radio is dominated by conservative points of view.

Being socialists, they have no respect for the fact that a free-market…Read the rest of this entry