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Precursor for Sunday Music.

Christmas has become something that it wasn’t once. It has become a hectic time of buying presents. It has also lost the joy it once had, due in part to politcal correctness, and not wanting to offend those who may not follow that original meaning.

Santa Claus has replaced Jesus as the focus at Christmas, and now even poor old Santa is being given the politically correct treatment.

Either way, it has become a huge round of commercial trading.

The one good thing about it still is that it gives us a chance to be with family, and that is something that we need to really cherish.

So, for those of caught up in that, and for those of you who look back and think how it really has changed, this is a chance for you to kick back for a couple of minutes and relax, and listen to a soothing song. It isn’t even a Christmas song, just a nice soothing song that brings back memories of a better time.

The song is called ‘Sleepwalk’, and was written by the two Farina Brothers, Santo and Johnny.

Santo is the older and was born just prior to the War. Johnny was born just before the end of the War. They were raised in Brooklyn by their Italian American parents. Their father was inducted into the Army, and after the war, as the boys were growing he wanted them to play a musical instrument of some sort. He heard the Steel guitar, and told his wife that he’d like the boys to play something like that.

Santo started to play at a young age. A local guitar shop worked on a conventional guitar, and tuned that up for playing with a steel, something that gives that beautiful tone. In his early teens, Santo actually started composing his own tunes. The younger brother, Johnny, started to play the conventional guitar, and joined with his teenage brother when he turned 12. They played local schools and at other gigs as well.

Santo worked on a traditional tune and rearranged the chord progression for the original of this song, which went through a further series of changes before Santo was happy with it.

It was released as a single in 1959, and became a monster hit across the US, staying at number one for three weeks. It was also huge across the World, and as soon as you hear the first few bars, you will recognise it immediately.

To this day, it is still one of the most widely recognised instrumentals ever composed.

This is a truly beautiful piece of music.

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Sleepwalk’ by Santo and Johnny.