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Today’s music video is A Walk In The Black Forest and the song is performed here by the German pianist and band leader Horst Jankowski.

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I started these Sunday Music Posts back in December of 2008, although it didn’t start out as a ‘Sunday Music’ Post.

It came about while my good lady wife and I were visiting with our daughter and her family for Christmas. We were living on The Gold Coast, and she was living in Rockhampton, so we drove the 700 Kilometres up the Coast to spend two weeks with her family.

I had already been contributing Posts at this site since March of that same year, and I had a large number of Posts already up at this site. Most days I would spend in front of the computer doing my own Posts and also other Posts as well. It would have been rude to do the same thing at our daughter’s home, so I restricted myself to an hour or so every other day, and did not contribute much in the way of Posts at all.

Three days before Christmas, I had a spare couple of hours and asked if I might use their home computer. I wanted to make a short Post that didn’t require too much in the way of researching information at other sites, so I decided to just see if I could Post a short video of a piece of Music. I already had a song in mind, perhaps my favourite Instrumental piece of music of all time. That song was one that I remembered very fondly from when I was only 8 years old, a song called Sleepwalk, which was written and recorded by the Farina brothers, Santo and Johnny. Santo Farina played a Steel Guitar, not a guitar you held in your arms, but one that was attached to a small table, and instead of picking the notes by placing your fingers on the string up the fretboard, it was played with a steel, and was often called a Hawaiian Steel Guitar. The song was an absolutely beautiful piece of music, and my Father just loved that piece of music, and because of his love of the song, it was played often as I was still a young boy, and I got to love it as much as he did. I just loved that beautiful guitar work from Santo, while his brother strummed a normal acoustic guitar.

I found the video at the YouTube site, and then posted it across to our site, and added some text, and the whole thing took around an hour or so, so I wasn’t away from our family for too long at all.

That Post is at the following link.  Sleepwalk

A week or so later, we had travelled back to our home, and on the following Sunday, my wife and I were going to visit other family members, so again I was hard pressed for time in front of the computer. remembering back to that earlier Music Post, I thought of how little time it took me, so I found another Instrumental favourite of mine, Carlos Santana’s Samba Pa Ti, and posted that video with some text. After doing that, and in the following we week, I had the germ of an idea to make it a regular thing, and as it was for the Sunday, I decided to call it Sunday Music, and from that point forward, it has been a regular thing, and I have only missed a couple of Sundays since then, in almost nine years now.

For the first eight Months or so, I was selective in what I posted, wanting to stay to a theme, and that theme was to find only Instrumentals to play. What surprised me most of all was just how many Instrumentals I really did like, because there were so many of them, and nearly all of them were at the YouTube site, so that made it easy for me.

Recently I looked back on those early music posts, those eight Months of Instrumentals, and I was surprised that I had missed a couple of them which I did like.

One that I missed and did like was the one I have posted today.

It’s a song from 1965 titled A Walk In The Black Forest. The song was written and recorded by the German pianist Horst Jankowski. He was a classically trained pianist and was also a studio arranger as well This song was a huge hit for him when it was released in 1965. It did well all across Europe and almost topped the charts in the UK. It reached Number One on the U.S. Easy Listening Charts, and also crossed over into the Mainstream Charts, almost making it into the Top Ten. It sold more than a million copies, and the album it came from also sold more than a million copies as well. The song was titled Eine Schwarzwaldfahrt in German, and that translated to A Walk In The Black Forest.

Horst Jankowski was one of the original group of band leaders with big bands who made so many easy listening records in those days of the 60s and 70s, among such notable names as Ray Conniff, Percy Faith, Andre Kostalenetz, James Last, Paul Mauriat, and Bert Kaempfert.

Jankowski was just as prolific as those others named there and has produced more than 30 albums across the years, but this easily recognisable song was his biggest hit.

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