The Optimism In Technology A Challenge To The Left

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By Dr. Jay Lehr ~

French philosopher Pascal Bruckner, in dissecting the “ideology of catastrophe”, observed that the time-honored strategy of “cataclysmic discourse” emerges in large measure from intellectuals and that the”fear that these intellectuals spread is like a gluttonous enzyme that swallows up an anxiety, feeds on it, and then leaves it behind for new ones”. The idea that humanity faces an existential threat is hardly new. But mankind does and will always face serious threats from natural forces and technology is the only tool we have to deal with that reality. What does technological progress say about humanity’s ability, not to conquer nature, but to mitigate its assaults?

Technology driven productivity has given more people the ability to live good lives. The net effect of such progress is visible in the profound decline in extreme poverty. In 1820 95%of the world’s population lived in extreme poverty. By 1920 it was down to 80%, and by the year 2000 it was down to 10% of a much larger population. Many people now believe we are going backwards as a result of the tyranny we see in many governments including our own. But rest assured it will end as folks wake up to being ignored by the ruling class.

Technological innovation makes life safer better and more interesting, but it does not prevent people from using it to to do things to make life worse, dangerous and unpleasant. We lose sight of the critical importance of governance and the policies that embrace evil and wield totalitarian power. But despite the worst efforts of governments, policymakers and many communist leaders they cannot create the innovations that come from real scientists and engineers. But government can create a framework within which the ideas of free people and entrepreneurs blossom.

We will prosper in the coming decade in spite of current government tyranny which has produced an uncontrolled Southern Border Invasion, escalating living costs, an attack on free speech and the second amendment. These repugnant assaults on our republic will be a wake up call to arouse 2022 midterm voters on preserving cherished liberties that are under siege.

The old saying “what does not kill you will make you stronger” applies. In the final analysis, those of us who value our great nation outnumber the wokesters among us. Our passion for getting our country back is being displayed with greater exuberance than any time in recent decades. Most of us now see how our freedoms are being eroded by mainstream media and their powerful establishment allies in the elite and deep state.

From time to time, as is happening now, our country has temporarily given up freedom and suffered the consequences. However, on each occasion we restored freedom and came back stronger than ever. This is why people fight to come here. As Winston Churchill once said “a pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity, an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty”

Note : Portions of this article were excerpted from the book THE CLOUD REVOLUTION: How The Convergence of NEW TECHNOLOGIES Will Unleash The Next ECONOMIC BOOM and a ROARING 2020s with permission of the author Mark Mills and the publisher Encounter Books. I strongly recommend this book to everyone fighting for the preservation of life in America.

Dr Jay Lehr is a Senior Science Analyst at the CFACT site, and he is the author of more than 1,000 magazine and journal articles and 36 books.

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