Leftists Try To Shame Chris Pratt For His Faith. Here’s Why They Won’t Win.

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By Douglas Blair ~

“Guardians of the Galaxy” hero Chris Pratt is facing off against his toughest foe yet: the woke mob.

Actors in Hollywood have to keep their heads down if they’re religious or conservative. Otherwise, the woke mob will come for them. Pictured: Chris Pratt attends the European launch event of Marvel Studios’ “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” at the Eventim Apollo on April 24, 2017, in London, England. (Photo: Gavan/Getty Images)

The actor recently came under fire for being openly Christian, for which the world of woke Hollywood puts him on the same level as Marvel Studios’ big baddie Thanos.

Last week, members of the Twitter mob dutifully went to their keyboards to vent their frustrations that a religious person still has a job. The perennially angry Twitterati called on Marvel and Disney to replace Pratt as Star-Lord in the “Guardians of the Galaxy” movies with actor Patrick Wilson.

Pratt has previously been attacked online because he attends Zoe Church in Los Angeles.

Mercury News reported that leftists at The New York Times, no doubt confused that not all churches are the same, quoted Zoe Church’s pastor and founder as saying he based his church on Hillsong Church. Hillsong has been accused in the past of being homophobic because of its views toward LGBT issues.

According to Hillsong’s pastor, Pratt has never been a member of that church.

All this clerical confusion aside, has Pratt himself ever expressed views that could be viewed as hating LGBT people? Of course not. Leftists just hate Pratt because he’s a Christian.

In fact, Pratt expressed his support of people loving who they want to in a response to actress Ellen Page, a woman who now identifies as a man named Elliot.

“I am a man who believes that everyone is entitled to love who they want free from the judgment of their fellow man,” said Pratt.

Leftists can’t connect Pratt to anything truly offensive, but the fact that he holds a view antithetical to theirs and is still allowed to be employed in Hollywood drives them crazy.

Thankfully, Pratt has allies in Hollywood who are willing to stand up for him.

“Guardians of the Galaxy” director James Gunn responded to a tweet calling on Marvel to replace the actor by saying, “For what? Because of your made-up, utterly-false beliefs about him? For something that someone else told you about him that’s not true? Chris Pratt would never be replaced as Star-Lord but, if he ever was, we would all be going with him.”

It’s a great statement by Gunn, but one that seems to be the exception rather than the rule. Far too often, Hollywood actors and directors are silent or even complicit in smear campaigns against their ideological opposition.

But it’s not hard to imagine a world where Pratt was left adrift in the world, a man of faith scorned by an industry increasingly hostile toward religion.

Pratt had Gunn to defend him, but the new standard shouldn’t be a Christian is accused of being a bad person and needs a leftist to verify his or her credentials as a good person. A person’s reputation should stand on its own merits, and Pratt has a sterling one.

Highlighting this point is an incident from November 2021. Pratt came under fire after writing a completely innocuous post on his Instagram account expressing his deep love for his wife.

“We met in church. She’s given me an amazing life, a gorgeous healthy daughter, she chews so loudly that sometimes I put in my ear buds to drown it out, but that’s love,” Pratt gushed. “She helps me with everything. In return, periodically, I open a jar of pickles. That’s the trade. Her heart is pure and it belongs to me … Love you honey.”

To normal human beings, this post comes off as a man utterly in love with his wife expressing the joy in finding his soulmate. His wife certainly did.

Unhinged leftists viewed the post as Pratt asserting his wife was property that he controlled and began accusing him of being a misogynist.

Every single example the left tries to point to as proof Pratt deserves to be exiled falls flat because it’s a lie. Pratt is a good person who also happens to be a devout Christian.

There will undoubtably be new accusations leveled against him in the future, as the left refuses to leave him alone.

But if his movies are any indication, Pratt usually beats the bad guy in the end.

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