Biden’s Electric Boogaloo: Pumping Air Into The Inflationary Balloon

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By Duggan Flanakin ~

God help us if it pops!

Taken from a 1960s dance craze turned into a 1984 cult sequel, the term “electric boogaloo” has come to refer to what Wikipedia calls “a mocking subtitle for real or imagined sequels perceived as unnecessary, strange, or just ‘too much’.” What better way to describe the Biden cohort’s joy at high gasoline prices that is “fueling” a renewed push for an all-electric vehicle fleet.

The Biden bots somehow cannot grasp that high fuel prices are fueling the ballooning inflation.

It is bad enough that legislating an all-electric vehicle fleet is a theft of our freedom and our long-held investments.

Forcing an entire nation to give up its 280 million gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles is maniacal when there are no affordable, functional substitutes readily available. Imagine if President Theodore Roosevelt had ordered Americans in 1904 to abandon the horse and buggy for the fledgling automobile.

Yes, horses did create massive urban pollution that was an ongoing health crisis. One 1908 report called the presence of 120,000 horses in New York City “an economic burden, an affront to cleanliness, and a terrible tax upon human life.”

But it did not take legislation for America to replace the urban horse with “horsepower” under the hood. By the Roaring Twenties, the Model T, then the Model A, had done the job in our cities through human choice.

Even so, a century later, city residents complained when New York Mayor Bill de Blasio placed major restrictions on the city’s remaining horse-drawn carriages. In fact, few cities have completely banned horses; in much of America today, horses and riders still journey into town.

As the Biden price of gasoline and diesel rises, the sad fact is that the cost of oats is also rising. Yet in rural America, it may still be cheaper to saddle up than to gas up (or plug in). Plus, horses can be ridden to market even during blackouts that leave electric cars parked and empty.

But the real issue here is not the war on the American automobile. It is the side effects of that war – notably ballooning inflation, looming food and energy shortages, even possible economic collapse – that could end the American dream,

While Pete Buttigieg is cheering rising gasoline prices, the American people are increasingly financially stressed by Biden’s draconian policies designed to force acceptance of a utopian view of electric vehicles. Heck, even Elon Musk says it is hardly time to be thinking about BANNING internal combustion engines!

And yet! The “woke” who may be actually running the Biden “Multicolor” House insist on turning internal combustion engine drivers into pariahs, even criminals. This suggests two possibilities: (1) they are heavily invested in electric vehicles or “green energy” and want windfall profits; (2) they are incapable or unwilling to confront the multitude of real-world facts that make their dreams unworkable.

Every sane person knows that Biden’s energy policies (not unlike the Afghanistan withdrawal) are like stupidly steering the Titanic into the iceberg expecting the ship to break the ice into tiny, manageable pieces. Some speculate that this reckless course was designed by foreign powers (or globalists who despise Americans’ self-reliance) to destroy the U.S. economy. Whether by accident or design, the Biden anti-fossil-fuel follies will leave China relatively unscathed.

Today, the Ship of State is floating toward Niagara headed for a huge fall. Without a miraculous rescue, the crash will be sudden and the shocks severe. So, yes, pray for a miracle. But —

You have read the reports of critical minerals shortages, massive necessary upgrades to the electric grid, and countless other arguments for at least slowing down the lemming-like demand that we push every non-electric vehicle into the recycling bin.

You may have wondered about the economic disruption from finding substitutes for the thousands of products manufactured with byproducts of gasoline and diesel manufacturing and new jobs for displaced workers in those thousands of industries. You may have dismissed every objection simply because it complicates your vision of the coming utopia.

You may soon find yourself in a tinier minority than you ever imagined possible. After all, your information sources have been blocking from your eyes and ears any mention that there might be flies in their ointments.

Or you may be on the other end of the spectrum, despising those now living in the utopian bubble, believing that humanity can create its own truth even when it contradicts the laws of nature.

The simple truth is that quite possibly in the not very distant tomorrow you both may find yourselves dealing with the aftermath of a Biden Niagara Falls moment.

Both the globalists and the oligarchs will cheer if you begin to claw each other to bits, even as their minions (those with dead souls) suffer the same fate as you. They taught you well to hate each other – and to ignore their role as puppet masters.

Americans sneer at Russia, calling it a nation run by oligarchs. But what is America, if a young social media punk can manipulate elections, his arrogant pals can banish even billionaires from the public airwaves, a shill for semiconductors turned land baron can inflict pharmaceuticals upon unwilling and unsuspecting whole populations, and a few geniuses can order that your bank accounts be frozen, your assets seized, with neither notice nor opportunity to challenge?

The sane Americans who have seen what is ahead (barring divine intervention) are somewhat prepared (akin to the beleaguered Ukrainians) for “hard times in Babylon.” But the betrayed (woke) “true believers” who suddenly find themselves injured by the policies of their saints may be undergoing severe trauma.

These people will need compassion and care, not contempt. Contempt would better be saved for those who have used their offices and talents to bring about the coming disaster. But there is the rub. By that time the oligarchs and globalists will have won – or think they have. More likely, they would quickly begin attacking each other, a real-world Game of Thrones.

Maybe then we will take up those wise words that will finally make sense:

Build. Back. Better.

Duggan Flanakin is the Director of Policy Research at the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow. A former Senior Fellow with the Texas Public Policy Foundations, Mr. Flanakin authored definitive works on the creation of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and on environmental education in Texas.

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