Biden’s 550 Thousand Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Posted on Sun 01/31/2021 by


By Joe Bastardi ~

President Biden Wants to have 550 thousand Car Charging Stations around the country by the year 2030.  I can’t figure out if that is 550 thousand individual chargers or charging stations.

But I have some questions.

1). Where is the electricity coming from? Since we can not store solar or wind efficiently, what happens if you are cruising along in your electric vehicle and you need to get charged up, but there is not enough charging capacity available.  Think about it, if we are supposedly going to all renewables, there would have to be houses, businesses, etc competing for electricity, right?  And what if the source region for the electricity is cloudy or there is no wind, or whatever.  What are you supposed to do? So where is the electricity coming from? And does anyone in this administration look at what has happened in other nations that have tried this (for example Spain and Germany)



Btw there are many articles on these debacles, I picked out 2. But leave it to leftist planners to think somehow, like Marxism, they can do it and make it work Actually they will make it work for the elite that are ruling while everyone else suffers. The price of progress you know.

2) If you are charging your car overnight, isn’t that going to use a lot of electricity? Think about it, if everyone has a car that needs to be charged, where is all the electricity going to come from? Heck, that would put a bigger demand on fossil fuels if we were just using fossil fuels. So we have 550k charging stations, plus if you are lucky, you can charge your car up overnight, but if everyone is doing it, then there is going to be more demand at night, Most of the time there is much less demand at night.  Unless of course, we are going to be herded into having to take public transportation. BINGO that may be the real goal.

3) I have seen charging stations in garages. It seems like a takes an awfully long time to charge a car up, certainly much longer than filling it up at a gas station. So while your cross country trip may not go back to the time it took when we were using horse and buggy, a 2 or 3-day trip cross-country may now be more like 5 or 6. Unless of course, the goal is to eliminate cross-country trips or force reliance on other ways, Since AOC wants to get rid of air travel, seems like we will be riding trains ( or busses). I like riding trains, but only if I choose to do so. Again, forced compliance made necessary by a goal of getting rid of a made-up problem due to a phony climate war.

Far be it from me to throw cold water on innovation and progress, but I wish some enterprising young journalist would question people that wish to push this on the American public just how they expect to accomplish this without limiting the freedoms of individuals.  You see, the symbol of American freedom is not the Eagle, but in reality, the car. That most people can get in their car and drive when they want to, and where they want to, is something that this nation certainly is a leader in the world.   So when this brave new world of 550k charging stations is brought up, someone should at least speak up and find out how this is all going to be done and what the real cost is going to be, not only to the time, and treasure, but to the very freedoms.

Joe Bastardi is a pioneer in extreme weather and long-range forecasting. He is the author of “The Climate Chronicles: Inconvenient Revelations You Won’t Hear From Al Gore — and Others” which you can purchase at the CFACT bookstore.

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