Christmas Day Music – When A Child Is Born

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The song for this special day, Christmas Day is  When A Child Is Born, and the song is sung here by the English band, The Moody Blues.

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This song is well known as a Christmas song, and yet, while some songs can only be seen as completely Christmas themed songs, this song seems to only allude to Christmas, the only references seemingly someone looking forward to the birth of a particular child, and the mention of a ‘star up high’ in the lyrics.

The song was originally composed in 1972 in Italy where it was known as Soleado, and it was just an instrumental melody. Later, English language lyrics were added by Fred Jay.

With these lyrics added, the song was made famous when it was originally released by Johnny Mathis in 1976.

This song did not even chart into the Top 40 charts anywhere in the US, only just struggling into the mid 130s for a couple of weeks. However, this song actually made it to Number One in the UK popular music charts in December of 1976. While Johnny Mathis had a number of Number One hits in the US, this song was Johnny Mathis’ only Number One hit song in the UK.

This song also has a history of being recorded by numerous artists across many years since it was first recorded. There are a number of songs that show up every Christmas, but this one is one of those Christmas songs which does not show up as often as some of the better known songs, and that’s a pity, because this song really is a nice one, and this virtually unknown version by The Moody Blues, and it is one of the better covers of this song.

This version from the English group The Moody Blues was recorded in 2003, and released on their album December.

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