Energy And Environmental Newsletter – March 23rd 2020

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John Droz JrBy John Droz, Jr ~

This is the latest Energy Related newsletter from John Droz.

Greed Energy Economics:
Europe’s Green Suicide: Eleven Million Jobs At Risk From EU Green Deal
The Government’s energy policy could cripple global Britain
3± million seniors turn off heating as ‘they cannot afford energy bills’
Are wind farms better in theory than they are in practice?
Turbine battle heating up
Climate change activists calls for economic shutdown to decarbonize
Why Have Wind Energy Constraint Payments Spiked in 2020?
UK Govt Punishes Voters As Costly Climate Policies Drive Up Electricity Bills

Renewable Energy: Health and Ecosystem Consequences:
The conflict between wind turbines and wildlife
What’s more important a lithium (for batteries) mine, or flowers?

Nuclear Energy:
American Decade of Energy
One of the World’s Tiniest Nuclear Plants Is Coming to Idaho
Nuclear is the solution – and SMRs are the future of nuclear
US Federal Legislation Proposed: Nuclear Energy Research and Development Act

Natural Gas Energy:
Putin takes aim at US shale oil industry
Price War on Oil Proves the Power of America’s Shale Revolution
Germany Proves How Essential Natural Gas Is – And The U.S. Must Supply
Study: Fracking Ban Could Cripple U.S.
The unholy crusade against gas appliances
“Fraccidents” Study Yet Another Case of Junk Science; More “Fracsearch”
Fracking in NM helps create jobs, lower carbon emissions
Hearing on LNG Terminal Plan for South Jersey
California Gas Bans Ensure Less Choice and Ever Higher Prices

NYS Energy:
CLCPA Begins, But Some Advice Regarding the Baloney
Legislators, officials ‘outraged’ by Cuomo power site plan
Cuomo fast-track for green energy projects gets pushback on LI
Editorial: Push for more control of energy projects troubling
Editorial: Cuomo picks developers over residents in siting energy projects
Short video: Cuomo’s Shock Troops
Archive: Monsters on the Ridge
Before raising taxes, NY Democrats should check out these numbers
Governor’s energy proposal poses threat to municipalities
Erie County’s NY opposes Cuomo’s renewables push
Recommendations to Siting Board ‘a gut punch’ for Alle-Catt opponent

US Energy Legislation:
Dirty Secrets About the CLEAN Future Act
US Marquee Energy Innovation Bill Stumbles on Senate Floor
Questionable new US Legislation: American Energy Innovation Act
It’s Time for Conservatives to Own the Climate-Change Issue
Biden goes extreme on fossil fuels
Bernie calls for federal takeover of electricity production

Miscellaneous Energy News:
Renewable Energy Industry Seeks to Scam Public During Health Crisis
The Great Wind Delusion
“Clean, renewable” energy is neither
BP Caves to Green Pressure
Response to 2019 Energy Action Report to Reduce CO2 in Vermont
Short video: Wind turbine interference of TV signals
Short Video: EV Dream
Short video: Energy 101: Mining and Rare Earths
Why green hydrogen is key to the global energy transition
Water splitting advance holds promise for affordable renewable energy
Trump’s punt on offshore wind sparks lobbying blitz
Kitty Hawk (NC) offshore wind project moving forward
Virginia approves 100% clean energy legislation
US military squeezes wind energy development off California Coast
Green New Deal Fanatics Have No Concept of What They Propose

Manmade Global Warming — Some Deceptions:
The Carbon Capture Con
McKibben Goes Over the Edge for His Rockefeller Benefactors
No, Michael Mann, You Aren’t Going to ‘Ruin’ this ‘Filthy Organization’
Short video: No Data Required
Is Manhattan About To Get Drowned By The Sea?
Trump wants prime-time climate science challenge — Happer
The Eco-Assault on Our Liberty
Scientist: There actually ARE ways to reduce global temperature
Wikipedia Airbrushes List of Climate Sceptic Scientists Out of History
The Canadian Institute for Climate Choices should “fact check”
Greta preaches many of the first Earth Day’s failed predictions
Why the DNC Doesn’t Want a Climate Debate

Manmade Global Warming — Miscellaneous:
Eliminate fossil fuels now — U.S. “MAGICC” model says why bother?
Petition filed to Appeal the EPA’s Endangerment Finding
Short Video: How Bad is CO2?
SLR: Looking For Acceleration In All The Wrong Places
Can History Cast Doubt on the Evidence of Global Warming?
Even coronavirus couldn’t stop the climate madness
Democrats want climate action included in coronavirus aid
Zero carbon is a crime against humanity
Freeman Dyson, RIP
Archive: Dyson — Heretical Thoughts about Science and Society
Legal Gaps And US Elections May Turn COP26 Into Damp Squib
Archive: The Disgraceful Episode Of Lysenkoism Brings Us Global Warming Theory
New (short) Book: All What Matters: The Facts about Global Climate Genesis
Archive video: Debunking the “Simple Physics” Slogan About Climate Change
Study: How Much Human-Caused Global Warming Should We Expect with Business-As-Usual Climate Policies?
The Physician and ‘Climate Change’

Education Related:
Multiple new US arrests for China-sponsored academic stealing
American Higher Education: Beset with Problems, but Solutions Exist
What Colleges Can Do to Defend Free Expression
COVID-19 Can Kill Colleges as Well as People
COVID-19: Is It Academic Armageddon?
COVID-19 Presents New Challenges and Opportunities to Higher Ed
Modern Doomsday Cult Is Threatening the Mental Health of Millions of Children
How College Sports Turned into a Corrupt Mega-Business
Why Art Matters

US Politics and Socialism:
Short Video: The Intolerance of Tolerance
The Communist Plan to Overthrow America from Within
Marxism a Nightmare, Not a Future
Sanders Not Alone in Willful Ignorance of Communist Realities
Archive: Globalization, Communism at Its Core
The long-anticipated death of the Great American Experiment
What Bernie and Greta have in common
Bernie’s Soviet Honeymoon Missed Marxist Miseries

Other US Politics and Related:
The Democratic Disaster Just Got Even More Hilarious
Liberal-Funded Eco-Right Infiltrates CPAC, and Conservative Movement
About Immigration: Life in Denmark- Real food for thought
Banks Must Not Be Used as Pawns of the Left
21 words uttered by FISA court that changed the Russia collusion case

Science and Miscellaneous Matters:
Short video: Why Are So Many Young People Unhappy?
The Collapse of Intellectual Standards in Science
Greta: women equality and climate justice
EPA: Strengthening Transparency in Regulatory Science (an update)
EPA Makes Big Changes To Rule Banning ‘Secret Science’ — Obama-Era Officials Rage


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