Bob Geldof Says Trump Re-Election Will Be ‘Like Fall Of Roman Empire’

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By Gabriel Hays ~

Though he’s one of the gentlemen who helped “Pink Floyd” build The Wall, Bob Geldof sure doesn’t admire any of President Trump’s policies.

The 68-year-old Irish musician and Live Aid! Founder had some choice words for Donald Trump in his interview with far left rag The Daily Beast. Geldof (pictured) despaired at the thought of the current president’s re-election, saying if that happened, American would fall like the “Roman Empire.”

Oh no! Shoddy historical context? Geldof’s got us on the ropes.

Geldof, the former frontman of “The Boomtown Rats” — who were famous for their one hit, “I Don’t Like Mondays” — began his Trump bashing with at least a narrow bit of truth. He began by saying that the Democratic Party is really blowing it right now: “We’re in the midst of a great failure of the absolutely pathetic Democratic Party.” Well at least he can recognize the completely obvious.

“They’re a complete mess,” he said of Dems. “There isn’t a single candidate who can win.” Oh those are fighting words. Joe Biden might have to take you out back behind the shed, well, if he can remember where it is.

Geldof added that he just didn’t think that current Dem policies like health care reform and climate change will resonate as long as Republicans are operating “the way they do.” Wait a minute, Bob, let’s not forget how much third trimester abortions, gun control and open borders are contributing to their sad platform.

But if that wasn’t encouraging enough, the aging rocker added an ominous, apocalyptic threat on the end of his Dem critique, saying that another Trump term means we will get “something exactly like the fall of the Roman Empire. This is just the pre-the end.”

Well that sounds distressing, and to think we are already being ravaged by a biblical plague exacerbated by Trump’s leadership. Geldof explained, “Trump will reduce the American republic to a state of infantilism and a plutocracy run by the very few, very wealthy, to its own ends.”

He added that Trump’s a “vulgar fool, and a very dangerous one.” Whatever, Mr. Geldof. Spare us the cheap history lesson. Sure corrupt emperors contributed to the fall of Rome, but their policies sound more like those of modern day Dems, if we’ve heard any. At the very least the Romans were concerned about the barbarians, instead of welcoming every foreigner who hops the fence.

But again, saying that Trump is a cheap businessman carries more weight for Geldoff’s fanbase. He stated, “He borrows, the business is s–t, it goes bankrupt, and he calls Chapter 11 and screws everyone who gave him money. What will get screwed are the people of America.”

Well, as we’ve seen that’s yet to happen. Coincidentally, “The Boomtown Rats” have their first album in “36 years” coming out on Friday. Glad he’s getting some PR.

Gabriel Hays is a staff writer for MRC Culture

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