Energy And Environmental Newsletter – October 28th 2019

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John Droz JrBy John Droz, Jr ~

This is the latest Energy Related newsletter from John Droz.

Greed Energy Economics:

After $100+ Billion in subsidies, U.S. wind industry demands more
Full cost of living impact of renewables subsidies revealed
Math is Hard for the Green-Minded
Bill Gates: Fossil Fuel Divestment has “Zero” Climate Impact
Report: Wind Industry Poised for Decline
China’s Green Future Implodes as Economy Hits Stall Speed
The Wind Industry Always Wanted More Subsidies
On Your Utility Bill, The Soaring Price Of Green Gesture Politics
Russia Considers Banning Foreign Companies from Renewable Projects
Russia Rejects Climate Change Plan After Business Uproar
Can You Afford the Green New Deal?
Downstate NY Offshore wind to soak upstate NY
UN agency calls for global Green New Deal to overhaul financial system

Turbine Health & Ecosystem Matters:

Canadian Medical Officer: Possible adverse health effects from wind turbines
Unequivocal Evidence Of Industrial Wind Turbines’ Horrific Toll On Wildlife


What is a Nuclear Microreactor?
New DOE and NRC Agreement Will Lead to Faster US Nuclear Deployment
Report: Potential Adverse Human Health Impacts from Retirement of Illinois Nuclear Plants
Nobel Laureate: Lasers could cut lifespan of nuclear waste from “a million years to 30 minutes”
U.S. Navy Files Patent For Nuclear Fusion. How Realistic Is It?

Miscellaneous Energy News:

US Electrical Energy Reliability Gone With the Wind
Can This World Survive Without Fossil Fuels?
Bernie Sanders’ Perpetual Motion Green New Deal
Short video: All Electric?
California’s ‘green energy’ fail should be a warning to us all
Report: Energy Illiteracy Must Not be Enshrined in Law
Video: President Trump’s Remarks at Shale Insight Conference
Video of full debate between Alex Epstein and Robert Kennedy Jr.
Short video: Production Up, Emissions Down
On energy, New York’s head is in the sand
Decarbonizing economy requires lot more wind & solar electricity
Electric Cars Hardly Guaranteed To Beat Oil
If Windmills Are Clean and Green, Why Are They Blowing Up A Storm?
NYS Citizens win important lawsuit over town and wind developer
NYS regulators admit there’s a gas shortage amid utility fight
California’s man-made power outages
California Power Co Says It May Have To Impose Blackouts For 10 Years
More Freedom, Not More Government (or Blackouts), Needed to Fight Wildfires
55 protesters arrested as wind turbine convoy completes Hawaiian journey
Hawaiian Utility Co: Rolling Blackouts Possible Due to Failure of Wind, Solar
State-of-the-Art: The Anti-Solar Panel
Pipeline Vandals Have A Friend in These Phony Enablers
Local protests kill Norway’s wind plans
Norway government on brink amid backlash against carbon-cutting road tolls
China Is The World’s Largest Oil & Gas Importer
Archive Quality Website: Wind Energy Fact and Fiction
Archive video: “Energy Revolution? More like a Crawl” – Dr. Vaclav Smil
Short video: In the Dark on Renewables
US Senators introduce flurry of renewable bills
Australian State Blocks Wind Project Due to Its ‘Visual Impact

Manmade Global Warming Articles:

Climate Change: Reality vs Apocalyptic Rhetoric
What you know about climate change is probably wrong
An Overview of the Latest Climate Science for Policymakers
The Bogus “Consensus” Argument on Climate Change
Did the IPCC predict a climate apocalypse? No.
Report: Eleven Empty Climate Claims
The Politics, Science, and Politicized Science of Climate Change
The Elite Machine Behind Greta Thunberg
Understanding the Climate Movement: Part 1, Part 2, & Part 3
Short video: A message to the UN – from a little old lady
Who are the “Experts” on Climate Change?
Physicist: CO2 Retains Heat For Only 0.0001 Seconds, Warming ‘Not Possible’
Draft Study (comments solicited): Human CO2 has little effect on the carbon cycle
Top Climate Change Myths Exposed
Nic Lewis Exposes Statistical Errors In Yet Another Climate Paper
Op-Ed: The climate does change and always will
Good website: Global Warming Solved
A cautionary tale of climate change
Short video: Climate Change Polarization
Climate Change Protest Group Leader Admits it Aims to Destroy the West
Climate Rebellion’s true target is not climate: It’s that heterosexuality is ‘normal’
Climate change is no worse than diabetes, so why all the fuss?
700+ Global Climate Scientists Challenge Mob Hysteria
The six Guardian language changes on climate matters
Heller Video: A Very Ugly Rewrite Of Climate History
Climate Change Fears of Teen Activist Are Empirically Baseless
When Christians Get Entangled in Climate Idolatry
Self-Righteous, False Climate Alarms  Disturbingly Flawed
SUV demand is canceling out the “environmental benefit” from electric cars
If Climate Scenarios Are Wrong For 2020, Can They Get 2100 Right?
Let Experience be your Guide to Climate Science
Developing Countries Must Bail out of the Climate Game
Antarctic Ice Cliffs May Not Contribute To SLR As Much As Predicted
New Paper: West Arctic Sea Ice ‘Relatively Stable’ Since 1800s…
No Time for Climate at the Democrat Debate
American ‘Gains’ to Reduce Pollution ‘Offset’ by China in ‘One Month’
More Super El Niños? Not so fast my friend
Expensive Climate Policies Sparked the Chile Riots
Chile’s Violence Has a Worrisome Message for the World
2020 climate madness looms
The real experts on climate change advise President Trump

Education Related Articles:

University bows to outside pressure and rescinds adjunct professor status of independent thinker
The Intimidation Game: Bullying and Retaliation at the University of Tulsa
State university tells professors: Don’t you dare grade on merit
40% of American Colleges Have Dropped a SAT/ACT Testing Requirement
Three Education Lawsuits Worth Watching
Seattle Public Schools Will Start Teaching That Math Is Oppressive
Dr. Susan Crockford describes her expulsion from the University of Victoria as ‘an academic hanging without a trial’

Science, Politics, and Miscellaneous Related Articles:

How the Traditional Husband was Shattered into a Million Pieces
US in Moral Decline
Bad Scientists Make for Bad Government
Environmentalism as Totalitarianism
The Academic Rants of Eco-Fascism
Will we keep our Republic in 2020, or will we bow to Socialism?
Agenda 2030: Critique#1 and Critique #2
Nationalism Doesn’t Mean Isolationism
The UNHRC: Slaving Away for Human Rights
Short video: Evolution — Bacteria to Beethoven
A ‘Silver Bullet’ for the World’s Problems? Check This One Out
The False Choice Between Privacy and Safety in Smart Surveillance
An Open Letter to Sergey Brin (Founder of Google)
Should there be “news neutrality” for Google News?
How to replace each Google service with a more privacy-friendly alternative
To Avoid Future Failures, the Wisest Look to the Past
Eco madness may be reason for disastrous Boeing 737 MAX safety issues
“I could’ve told you that” might have a useful role to play in Science


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