Energy And Environmental Newsletter – September 30th 2019

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John Droz JrBy John Droz, Jr ~

This is the latest Energy Related newsletter from John Droz.

Greed Energy Economics:
Climate and the Money Trail
Climate change: the Hoax that Costs Us $4 Billion a Day
Germany On Economic Suicide Watch
US Wind Developers Rush to Secure Tax Credits
The Electric Vehicle Free Lunch is Coming to an End
Energy Subsidy Confusion
Merkel Unable To Ease Green Protest, Despite Astronomical Virtue Signaling
Wind turbine maker Vestas cuts 600 staff in Denmark and Germany

Turbine Health Matters:
Wind turbine infrasound articles became too hot for the Sierra Club to handle
Study: No significant reduction in infrasound damage until 9+ miles from wind turbines
Short video: RN Testifies About Apparent Local Turbine Health Consequences
Video: Wind Turbine Illness Chautauqua County NY
Study: Implementation Of The Wind Turbine Infrasound Noise Issue
The EEE Virus

Renewable Energy Destroying Ecosystems:
Green Energy Policies (esp Wind Energy) That Kill Bats
Study: Bats dying due to wind farms
North American bird population has dropped by 3 billion (29%) since 1970
Bats decline amid wind turbine expansion
USF&W approves wildlife killings for Hawaii wind projects
Wyoming Landfill begins burying turbine blades

Nuclear Energy:
U.S. nuclear plants to produce carbon-free hydrogen
Electricity in the realm of the Lion King
A beginner’s guide to the debate over nuclear power and climate
No Nukes is Bad News for Climate
‘Impossible’ to Reduce ‘Carbon Emissions’ Without ‘Nuclear Energy’
Major molten salt nuclear fuel test completed
Film: Nobody’s Fuel (an Engineer’s Guide to Saving the Planet)

Miscellaneous Energy News:
Renewables May Make Us Feel Good, But Realistically They Just Don’t Work
Short video: Renewable Portfolio Standard Scam (Part 1)
Congressional Testimony: Sources and Uses of Minerals for a Clean Energy Economy
Going green is nothing but a scam
Why 100% Renewable Energy Is Less Realistic Than a Unicorn
The Limits of “Clean” Energy
Expert discusses possible RADAR impacts from proposed wind energy project
Why today’s renewables cannot power modern civilization
The Green Paradox: Why Europe’s Climate Policies Increase Global CO2 Emissions
World owes thanks to American oil production in wake of Saudi Arabia attacks
AEA National Energy Scorecard
EIA Projects 50%± Increase In World Energy Usage by 2050
An independent Global Energy Forecast to 2050: wind and solar
US Energy Independence: The Charts That Tell Us Everything
German Study: Natural Gas is Green Energy’s Better Half
Leading countries blocked from speaking at UN climate summit
Texas Wind Power Not So Reliable
NY activists want to undermine local government to ease things for wind developers
NY Senator Jacobs proposes moratorium on Great Lakes wind turbines
What New York’s new climate law means for the Adirondack Park
In Massachusetts, debate emerges over where to build new solar projects
California Delegates its Environmental Stewardship to Others
Norway’s public backlash against onshore wind threatens sector growth
Report: Electricity in Australia – Turning Success into Failure
More buckets of icy cold energy reality
GE engineer shares reasons for multiple turbine failures
Power grid issues, and ‘wind fatigue’
Canadian Wind Turbines Decommissioning to begin Oct. 15

Global Warming & Youths:
Video: Greta’s UN Speech
A Line-By-Line Response to Greta Thunberg’s UN Speech
Short video from an anti-Greta young girl
Short video: Thunberg is ‘not the messiah, she is an extremely anxious girl’
Short Video: A Letter to Greta Thunberg
If You Can’t Sell Your Hysteria To Adults, Try Kids
Meet Greta spiritual precursor: The 12-year-old who ‘silenced the world’
World’s Leaders Turn On Greta After She Sues France And Germany
My solution to our children’s climate terror – a nice thick steak
When the young are brainwashed by the climate hoax
Fact Checking Alarmist Kids’ False Claims at Climate Hearing
Rising numbers of children are being treated for “eco-anxiety”
Nothing Blissful About Kids’ Ignorance of Science, History
Young climate activists do not speak for their generation
The Trouble With Climate Strike And Doomsday Prophesying
Greta Thunberg compared to Nazi propaganda girl by US commentator
End the Children’s Climate Crusade
The ‘Climate Strike’ is a crock that exploits kids
UN climate summit flops despite the children’s rent-a-crowd crusade
A reasonable Global Warming Quiz

Manmade Global Warming Articles:
The climate crusade marches across America!
50 Years of Failed Eco-pocalyptic Predictions
A Climate Modeler Spills the Beans
How Climate Change Really Isn’t About the Climate
The Extinction of Reason
Scientists Write To UN: There Is No Climate Emergency
Understanding the climate movement: the impotence of science
Study: The Earth’s physical parameters, distributed in space and time
Climatologist: “IPCC Is To Deceive People’, Hockey Stick Graph A Fake
The UN’s Climate Agenda is So Extreme Its Own Analysts Can’t Defend It
Short video: ‘Facts don’t matter’ with global warming
The only solution to climate change is world socialism
Doug Casey and E.B. Tucker on the Climate Change Hoax
Climate activist hypocrisies exposed
New Website: My Climate Pledge
Doomsdays that didn’t happen
Senator Inhofe: Three big UN failures America should pay attention to
Top-level climate modeler goes rogue
China & India Demand $100 Billion On Eve Of UN Climate Summit
Canadian feds scrapped 100 years of data on climate change
You Will Not Believe This New Liberal Religion
Global decarbonization efforts ‘stall’, pushing climate goals out of reach
Global Climate Intelligence Group (CLINTEL) founded
How Climate Change Pseudoscience Became Publicly Accepted
Short video about Dr Mann: Fake Nobel Prize – Fake Hockey Stick
Short Tony Heller Video: My Gift To Climate Alarmists
Short video: Global Warming is now a Big Religion
10,500 Steaks at Democrat Steak Fry Despite Their Climate Change Concerns
Study: A new look at current climate science and carbon dioxide
The climate theory casting new light on the history of Chinese civilization
Leftists Do Not Have The Right Solutions For The Environment
A Clean Kill of the Carbon Dioxide-Driven Climate Change Hypothesis?
Surprise! Climate Activists Declare UN New York Climate Conference a Failure
Is climate alarmism tearing itself apart?
The hypocrisy of climate change warriors
Why “Settled Science” Won’t Get Us Anywhere
The trouble with the political push for climate change activism
NASA Study: Human Activity in China and India Dominates the Greening of Earth

Science, Education, Politics, and Miscellaneous Related Articles:
Short video: Goodbye America
Video: President Trump’s full UN speech
The Washington Post’s Effort to Divide America
It’s Time to Stand Up to the Left
90% of Plastic Waste in the Ocean Comes from China and Africa…
The Mess of Federal Funds Is Changing Universities


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