Energy And Environmental Newsletter – June 17th 2019

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John Droz JrBy John Droz, Jr ~

This is the latest Energy Related newsletter from John Droz.

Greed Energy Economics:

The Greens’ Goal has Always Been to Make Renewable Energy Expensive

Combined-Cycle Natural Gas Power Beats Everything Else

The Levelized Cost of Electricity from Existing Generation Resources

Observations on the Alliance for Market Solutions’ ‘conservative’ case for a carbon tax

Economists Have Been “Useful Idiots” for the Green Socialists

The $100+ billion renewable energy fleecing of America

Fracking Saves Low-Income Americans’ Lives

Hidden Costs of Renewables Hurt the Poor

Green Dole: Renewable Energy Jobs Plunge By A Third

Green energy to cost Navajos tens of millions and 900 good jobs

Public Service Company of New Mexico’s zero carbon math problem

EIA data: wind & solar met 3% of U.S. energy after $50 billion in subsidies

Global Wind Day is coming: should you cheer or cry?

Markets can handle climate change

Shutting down middle and blue-collar America

N.C. has issued $1± billion in solar tax credits

The Cost Of This Net Zero Madness? Even A Trillion Is An Underestimate

Wind PTC Increases to 2.5 Cents per Kilowatt Hour for 2019

Turbine Health Matters:

Infrasound — a Growing Liability for Wind Energy

Study: Air Quality & Health in PA Not Impacted by Shale Development

Understanding Fracturing Fluid

Renewable Energy Destroying Ecosystems:

Study: Wind turbines kill 75% of nearby buzzards, hawks and kites

Wind projects downing avian visitors

Miscellaneous Energy News:

Energy solution hinges on better technology

Reforming State Utility Regulations

Farmland Owner (& MD) Encourages People NOT to Lease Wind Turbines

Solar intermittency: upbeat carbon reduction estimates miss the reality

Editorial: Governor Cuomo’s ‘renewable’ fiasco

Coal to Gas Switching Reduces CO2 Emissions by 15%

The Big Lie: The future is in Battery Electric Vehicles

Oregon puts more farmland off limits to solar

Bipartisan Politicization of EPA

World’s Most Capable Offshore Wind Turbine Installation Vessel

Do wind turbines contribute to Great Lakes flooding?

The World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm Just Came Online

Horizontally drilled gas wells dominate U.S. tight formation production

New Mexico should fully embrace its energy renaissance

The NYS Green New Deal – Where’s the Plan? There Is No Plan

Commentary: NY Energy report has many flaws

CEO Linked To Failed Wind Project Indicted On Federal Charges

Climate Alarm May Help German Communists To Power, CDU Leader Warns

Welcome to the ‘wild west’ of wind law

The World Returns To Coal

Chill Wind Of Reality Blows Through The Green Power Lobby

Small Modular Reactors: interview with NuScale

Superior Nuclear Presentations given in NC

Short Video: Joe Biden’s Climate Plan Betrays the Working Class

O’Rourke: “Oil will be replaced by wind power

Zero Emissions Claims Don’t Pan Out for Electric Vehicles

Environmentalists criticize NYC plan to buy hydropower

Safety crackdown after string of fires hit wind and solar batteries

Industrial Wind Goes Low in Western New York

Miscellaneous Energy News— Rare Earths, etc.:

China Controls Global Rare Earth Mineral Trade

Reliance on Foreign Minerals Leaves America at Risk

China’s Latest Trade Threat Reignites Concerns Over US Mineral Dependency

Rare Earth Elements Crisis Could End Green Energy Revolution

Short audio: China threatens to cut off US rare earth metal supply

Miscellaneous Energy News— Green Manifesto:

Six Issues the Promoters of the Green New Deal Have Overlooked

The Green New Deal’s epic transportation and commerce fail

The Green New Deal: A Grave Threat to America

The UN Extinction Report:

The UN’s extinction warning doesn’t add up

Current Apocalypse Forecast

Am I a denier, a human extinction denier?

Short Video: UN Extinction Prediction Exposed

The UN’s species extinction fraud

Manmade Global Warming Articles:

The CO2 Hockey Stick

Why we do nothing to prepare for climate change

Study: Human CO2 Emissions Have Little Effect on Atmospheric CO2

Calling Climate Change ‘Catastrophic’ Isn’t Backed By Science

The Plan is No Plan: Why the GOP Shouldn’t Do Anything on Climate

Climate change has started to influence our language. Here’s how

Report: Global Sea-Level Rise — An Evaluation of the Data

A fine Letter about inaccurate climate change reporting

Climate security confusion abounds

Report: A Policy Maker’s Guide to Climate Change

13th Climate Change Conference (Wash DC: July 25)

Greenpeace’s Ranking of US Presidential Candidates on Climate Change

Democrats Have Banned ‘Climate Change’ as Presidential Debate Focus

The Lockstep March of Professional Societies to Promote the Climate Change Scare

Climate Finding’s Science Fails IQA Requirements

An “Attack On Climate Science”? It’s Nothing Of The Sort

Amazon’s Board of Directors say no to climate change proposal (!)

Study: What Humans Contribute to Atmospheric CO2

Study: Carbon reservoirs on ocean floor caused global warming before — and could do it again

Study: Phytoplankton are much bigger players in CO2 levels than realized

CATO shuts down prominent center that challenged climate change claims

Sea level will rise 3 to 5 meters by 2100 due to the sun, not CO2

Amidst Global Warming Hysteria, NASA Expects Global Cooling

Video: Climate hearing at US Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit

The education of Greta Thunberg: climate naivety meets reality

Leading scientists set out resource challenge of meeting net zero emissions in the UK

What This Vatican Climate Change Speaker Is Calling For Is Very Scary

Dirty Rotten Climate Scandal

10 Of 10 Coastal Antarctic Stations Show Zero Warming Over Past Decades. Failed Scientists Need To Resign

Place Blame for Recent Tornadoes Where It Belongs

Scientist proved climate change isn’t causing extreme weather — so politicians attacked

And Finally: Climate Change — What Can’t It Do?

Cycles, not carbon dioxide, control climate

Op-Ed: Climate Change Has Been Politicized

The Paris Agreement Is An Utter Flop

White House might make federal scientists debate skeptics

What If Evangelical Students Heard More than One Side of the Global Warming Debate?

Empirical Evidence Refutes Greenhouse Gas Theory

Science, Education, Politics, and Miscellaneous Related Articles:

Coalition Seeks to Expose Communist Infiltration of Democratic Party

Destroy Capitalism to Save the Climate

Elites Have No One to Blame for Populism but Themselves

House Judiciary Committee Hearing on Hate Crimes — Candace Owens

Environmentalism: it Was Always About Achieving World Government

PC insanity may mean the end of American universities

Flooding ourselves with valuable water

The Myth Of The Green Wave

Can Americans ‘Handle the Truth’ About Individual Achievement Differences?

Millennial Attitudes Are Out of Sync with Economic Realities

Politicized Science

Doxxing: The Newest Strategy To Destroy Scientists

Read Hayek as if Your Children’s Lives Depend on It

The European Slide Toward Irrelevance

Mass Attorney General Sued over Use of Bloomberg-Funded Attorneys

US Chamber Leadership Changes Announced

Barr’s Courageous Challenge to the FBI Praetorian Guard

Climate Hysteria Threatens To Split U.S. Democrats

EU hit with political polarization

Short Video: Big Tech is Big Brother

Short Video: Passions and Power

Chemistry Papers Retracted Due To Plagiarism, Data Manipulation


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