Energy And Environmental Newsletter – April 29th 2019

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John Droz JrBy John Droz, Jr ~

This is the latest Energy Related newsletter from John Droz.

Since there is such a diversity of interesting articles, I’m subdividing the most noteworthy material into several categories.

Greed Energy Economics:

Study: Renewable Energy Mandates are a costly failure

Worldwide Buyer’s Remorse Sets in for Costly Renewable Energy

Solar Energy Threatened by Wind Energy

The true cost of solar (and wind)

Carbon Tax Opponents Keep on Winning

Developing World: cash flow analysis shows gas, coal far more profitable than clean energy

Renewable energy looks to be going from boom to bust as prices collapse

Woman is sentenced for $54 million ‘green energy’ Ponzi scheme

“Opportunity Zone” funds may serve as capital for renewables

Study: Unreliable Nature Of Solar And Wind Makes Electricity More Expensive

TPPF Study: Purpose-Driven Economic Development

Subsidies for renewables under attack in Texas

Another socialist boom and bust in solar

German data centers demand renewable rebates to remain competitive

What’s Surprising About the Rise in Gasoline Prices?

California Politicians Hiked Gas Tax, Now Demand Investigation Into State’s $4 Per Gallon Gas Prices

Big Green, Inc: The Money Fueling the Environmental Left

Minnesota’s Wind Facilities Are Being Rebuilt to Capture More Subsidies

Turbine Health Matters:

Archive: Wind Turbines can be Hazardous to Human Health

Archive: Low-frequency sound is silent, but it can kill you

EPA Asks for Public Input re Groundwater Contaminated with PFOA & PFOS

Renewable Energy Destroying Ecosystems:

Dead bats and how radical Green propaganda relies on tragedy porn

Hypothesis: Radical Greens are the Great Killers of Our Age

Short video: Green Signaling

Judge Approves Plan for Hawaiian Wind Project to Kill Many Bats

Nuclear Energy:

Next generation nuclear: 25MW, smaller, safer, can be sited anywhere

Powering the future – with no compromises

Are citizens biased against nuclear power? Yup, say scientists

Nuclear power waste disposal: the options, science, engineering

Miscellaneous Energy News:

Russia’s not-so-secret plan to control the world’s energy

The true feasibility of moving away from fossil fuels

Battery Foolishness

Short Good Video: False Choice Cafe

Why 100% renewable energy goals are not practical policies

US Chamber of Commerce: American Energy — Cleaner and Stronger

Natural Gas Is Pulling Away from Renewables; The Gap Has Never Been Wider

Major Upstate NY Wind Project Cancelled (due to citizens’ good work)

Batteries Can’t Replace Natural Gas Combined Cycle Plants

Batteries cannot make renewables reliable

Large-scale solar plants require large-scale battery systems

Why Solar is exploding in North Carolina

Short good video: Pipeline Pinch

A short French video (in English): Three Arguments against Wind Turbines

New US Executive Order regarding Energy Infrastructure

With U.S. Assistance, India Bypasses Renewable Madness

EU Plans To Transfer Energy Powers From Capitals To Brussels

Unstable Green Power Grids: German Citizens Need To Get Used To Blackouts!

Wind turbines visible in over half of Scotland’s rural views

New (good) All About Energy website

US Renewable Statistics: Real vs. Potential Output

Estonia Blocks $1.9B Offshore Wind Project — Due to National Security

The World Bank’s Misguided Green Energy Policies To Persist

Conservatives Regain Power in Alberta, Canada

Rick Perry’s Office Denies Reports He’s Headed For The Exit

Japan Sanctions 35 New Coal Plants Added To The 100 Currently Operational

China to Resume Building Coal Plants

NY’s Adirondack Park Agency won’t update energy plan

The Northeast leads the country in net-metered wind electricity generation

Illinois Townships lose their voice in wind farm decisions

New Mexico Senator Wrong on Renewables

Here is the current list of all 5615 existing and being-built coal plants

5 Companies Spearheading Blockchain For Renewable Energy

California vs. Texas In Electricity

Environmental groups demand clean energy action from NYS(their Letter)

Wind developer’s lawsuit against ND County Commission dismissed

California residents trying to stop proposed onshore wind project

Miscellaneous Energy  News— Green Manifesto:

The Green New Deal: Economics and Policy Analytics

John Stossel: Green Dreams

Short excellent Video: Hilarious Spoof of AOC by 8 Year Old

The ‘Green New Deal’ Is Dead. Long May It Stay Buried!

Ocasio-Cortez’s Climatology Lacks Historical Context

Republicans’ Green New Deal-Lite Is Political Suicide

NYC goes stone-age Green

Dr. Happer vs. AOC: a telling contrast

The Green New Deal Has Dangerous Authoritarian Roots

The Green New Deal’s Bad Science

Presidential Committee on Climate Science (PCCS):

CO2Coalition’s Letter of Support for the PCCS

It’s about time to review the evidence for man-made global warming

Climate review to be led by nuclear weapons expert

Skeptics press White House to keep proposed climate panel independent

Manmade Global Warming Articles:

Lunacy as the New Orthodoxy

What Will It Take to End Anti-Science Insanity?

Climate Change Is Socialist Groupthink

Climate Change and the Ten Warning Signs for Cults

The noble corruption of climate science

Galileo and the Medicis brought Revolution and Truth

Environmental Hypocrites of the Left

Peter Ridd has defeated the Climate Inquisition thanks to you

Study shows: Electric vehicles emit more CO2 than diesel ones

Falsified Hypotheses Are Rejected In Science — Except for Climate Science

Fabricating A Warming: NASA Now Altering ‘Unadjusted” Data To Create New, Warmer ‘Unadjusted’ Data

It’s time for us all to recognize the 97% con game

Even the Media Agrees: This Is No Way to Sell Climate Change

Deluded middle-class climate warriors can’t see the real danger of their bright idea

Biology and Shore Morphology: keys to proper reconstruction of sea level changes

Matt Ridley: A Costly Temper Tantrum

Space junk could make dark sky a reality, scientists warn

IPCC next report (AR6, due 2022) − 784 authors, but again NO geologists!

Grassroots Climate Change Movement Ignores Actual Evidence

Dear, Oh! Dear — The Science is Clear

Does Overproduction of CO2 Harm the Environment?

Poster: Actions Speak Louder then Words

Fake climate science and scientists

Science, Education, and Miscellaneous Related Articles:

How to Teach Children about Climate Change

The K-12 Education Achievement Gap Fails to Close

Short Video: Preferred Pronouns or Prison

Science audiences, misinformation, and fake news

How Long Until We’re All Happy?

The End of Being a Duke Professor and What It Means for the Future of Higher Education


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