Energy And Environmental Newsletter – April 8th 2019

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John Droz JrBy John Droz, Jr ~

This is the latest Energy Related newsletter from John Droz.

President Trump caused quite a stir in a recent speech when he said that wind turbine noise could cause cancer. Of course the press immediately attacked him as being ignorant, dishonest, anti-wind, etc.  Since I wasn’t sure about the facts, I decided to look into it and to talk to some experts.

The conclusion is that there is good scientific evidence that he is right!  (Note: any competent, honest journalist could have found what I discovered online.)

Greed Energy Economics:

NYS “Clean Energy” costs ratepayers dearly

Congressional Letter asking for more renewable handouts

Yet another bogus renewables versus coal cost study

A Texan’s Big Bet on a Fossil-Fuel Future for California

DNV GL calls for new guideline on earthquake and hurricane damage reduction for wind turbines

Targeting “Cerrell” Communities

Change In NY Wind Project Tax Deal Means $500k± Revenue Loss For School

Renewable Energy Destroying Ecosystems:

Study: Raptor Interactions With Wind Energy: Case Studies From Around the World

Wind Turbines and Solar Panels Suspected of Killing Hundreds of Cows in France

Wind Turbine Fire in Michigan

Short video: More solar panels now means toxic landslide later

Impact of the establishment of US offshore wind power on neodymium flows

Wind projects can cause a cascade of ecological effects

Miscellaneous Energy News:

The “New Energy Economy”: An Exercise in Magical Thinking

New NC bill would prohibit new wind projects in coastal swath

DoD Study: Low Frequency Noise: A Major Risk Factor in Military Operation

What Are Small Modular Reactors?

Threat of climate change pushes 2020 Democrats to embrace nuclear

Gassing Up?

Clean Energy is Not So Clean

Is ‘Energy Independence’ a Worthy Goal?

Small nations have big plans for nuclear energy

GE’s Most Advanced Gas Turbine in Production

US Sen. Alexander proposes ‘New Manhattan Project’ for clean energy

End Monopoly Protections to Fix PG&E and Other Utilities

A New Contender for Energy Storage

Short video: Clean Energy is a Misnomer

NY Public Service Commission Illustrates the State’s Terminal Condition

The breakdown on industrial wind in Iowa

California’s impending grid problem

District Court Slams NC and NY re Gas Pipeline

Gas Cuts Emissions Nearly 13:1 Compared to Solar/Wind

Rural communities must have a voice in energy planning

Investigation: Wind Turbines and Weather Radars

Developer Acknowledges that Turbines could Disrupt TV and Radio Signals

Iowa Developer Forced to Take Down Turbines

Proposed NY wind turbines generating conflict

Engineer: Wind Energy, a big scam

Real Life Accident: Offshore Wind Project Vessel Collides With Turbine Tower

Here’s the dam deal: Power America’s dams

Miscellaneous Energy News— Green Manifesto:

World’s Energy Transition in Doubt as Progress on Affordability, Sustainability Stalls

AOC: We reacted to 9/11, so where’s the reaction on climate change?

Study: A Greedy New Steal

Behind the Green New Deal: An elite war on the working class

McConnell Calls Green New Deal Bluff — Resolution is defeated

Senate Rude Awakening for Green New Deal Dreamers

Green New Deal Exposes Climate Alarmists’ Insincerity

AOC is wrong again – The world will NOT end in 12 years

Presidential Committee on Climate Science (PCCS):

Climate science needs a critical review by skeptical experts

President Trump’s PCCS: A Much-Needed, Overdue Return to Science

Manmade Global Warming Articles:

The Slow Walk to Silent Surrender

Why climate predictions are so difficult

Global Warming: Science or Political Science

Study: State of the Climate – 2018

Short video: Bjorn Lomborg and Greg Gutfeld

Report: 2018 Global CO2 Emissions Grew by 1.7%

Making the Theory Work

The Invalidation of Future Sea Level Rise Projections

Study: Pacific Sea Levels Rising Very Slowly, and not Accelerating

The Biggest Lie Ever Told – Man-made Global Warming

Climate change agenda is being driven by hysteria, not facts

No, Beto, there is no impending climate refugee crisis

White people’s eating habits produce most greenhouse gases

Climate change: ‘Magic bullet’ carbon solution takes big step

Study: Droughts Declining & Famine Eliminated in India Despite AGW

2020: Climate Madness Looms

Ocean ‘Conveyor Belt’ Changes Foretold Abrupt Climate Changes by four Centuries

Science, Education, and Miscellaneous Related Articles:

Why I Don’t “Believe” in “Science”

How to stop arguing to 0 and start arguing to 100

Short video: Mark Levin re the Mueller Report, etc.

Peter Ridd versus the University and State-funded Media Stuck in Denial

Archive: The Green Religion

Christianity is losing ground in the US, new survey says

Duke research fraud settlement of $112.5 million to US government

Green Insanity Is Flooding US Towns and Destroying Lives

Robert Reich is a Disgrace: Imagine That!

Peter Ridd’s Fight For Academic Freedom Begins In Court

The Importance of Building Social Communication Skills


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