Energy And Environmental Newsletter – December 3rd 2018

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John Droz JrBy John Droz, Jr ~

This is the latest Energy Related newsletter from John Droz.

Greed Energy Economics:

Is Wind Power Actually Cheaper Than Coal Fired Power? No!

Editorial: VA Offshore Wind Project Throws Caution to the Wind

The Carbon Tax Scam

Cost of US Nuclear Generation at 10 Year Low

How Billions have been wasted on wind energy — just in Ontario

100% Renewable, is Bad Policy for Ratepayers

Climate change alarmists seriously harm the economy

Analyses Show Flat Emissions Under NY Carbon Price

NY/MA Double Counting Renewables

At least 10 local officials have a financial interest in NY wind project

UK electricity bills may soar after power row

UK Subsidy Cuts a Blow to Wind Developers

Study: UK’s Climate Change Act — History’s Most Expensive Virtue Signal

Irish Carbon Tax needs to be increased by 15X to meet goals

French cab drivers join protest against carbon tax

America’s Wind Developers Are Ready to Go It Alone

Investment risk: nuclear high, new load-following fossil fuel plants low

The Paris Climate Discord — Not in My Wallet

Failed Oregon Solar Equipment Plant Results in Millions In Taxpayer Losses

NY says wind energy is about jobs

Turbine Health Matters:

Study: Wind turbines adversely affecting nearby citizens

Citizens living too close to wind turbines can experience cardiac instability

Study: Obesity and other medical disorders connected with a noise increase

Pennsylvania court-appointed referee: Deny Wind Application

Study: Generation of Infra sound to replicate a wind turbine

Study: Altered cortical and subcortical connectivity due to infrasound…

Noise Pollution Is a Thing, and It’s Making You Sick

Renewable Energy Destroying Ecosystems:

Do wind turbines kill birds?

Short video: Thanks Fossil Fuels

Sierra Club joins Big Wind Bullies

A solar issue at EPA: GenX and PFBS Draft Toxicity Assessments

Miscellaneous Energy News:

Twilight of the Green Follies

Another report reluctantly admits that ‘green’ energy is a disastrous flop

Debating with Mr. Renewable Energy

A New Day for Nuclear Advocacy — and for Environmentalism

NYS Town passes wind ordinance: 1 mile setback, 35 dBA, PVG, etc.

Wind project opponents: Zoning is best protection

Quantifying wind surpluses and deficits in Western Europe

Transmission is latest front in fossil fuels vs renewables battle

Bill Gates thinks that Green Energy Zealots are Dangerous

The Rise of Engineering’s Social Justice Warriors

Natural Resources Canada releases recommendations for implementing SMR technology in Canada

US LNG Exports Are About to Reshape the Global Market

APS spent millions defeating Prop 127. Is a clean energy compromise ahead?

New Australian Organization: Saltbush Club

What next for US climate and energy policies?

Is Wind a Dead Issue in Indiana?

Editorial: Fierce wind blowing over Ohio county turbine projects

Is California going the way of Germany when it comes to energy?

Neighbors in eastern Iowa fight to bring down turbines — and win

Wisc Wind Project Decommissioned After Just 20 Years

Unprecedented rejection of NC solar facility expansion faces appeal

VA county mulls land limits for solar projects

Wind takes a beating from solar

Floating Russian Nuclear Power Plant Starts first Reactor

Disposing of spent nuclear fuel by Dry Rock Deposition (DRD)

Was the Colorado wind energy plan made in Minneapolis?

100% Renewable Deception

Give thanks that we no longer live on the precipice

A Bootleggers Reward

Consequences of Wind Turbine Wake Effects

Global Coal Demand Increased In 2017

Advancing the Coal Plants of the Future

New website: Burn More Coal

Japan is Building 30+ New Coal Plants

Never Economic, Never Competitive: Wind Industry Built on Lies & Runs on Subsidies

The Crocodile Turns: Rockefeller 350 Gang Goes Full Extremist on Cuomo

Manmade Global Warming Articles:

Climate Change: Facts and Theories

Lomborg: Global warming: ‘Paris agreement will leave 99% of the problem unsolved’

Judith Curry: Special Report on Sea Level Rise

Climate Collusion

Global Warming and Fake Science

Fake Data – The Basis Of Climate Science

The Academic Junk Science Scandal Continues to Unfold

The United Nations’ Climate Drama

The IPCC Special Report – mountain or molehill?

Behind the IPCC Curtain

Real-World Spectral Measurements Show the ‘Greenhouse Theory Is Wrong’ – ALL Gases Are GHGs

Radiation Balance and Transparent Media; Part 2Part 3

Lack of sunspots could bring record cold, warns NASA scientist

Climate Modeler — Reprieve Extended for Ten Years

Climate forecasts: collect them all!

Pseudonyms to protect authors of controversial technical articles

Top scientists, etc sign open letter backing nuclear to tackle climate change

Brazil’s new foreign minister believes climate change is a Marxist plot

Trump challenges Warmists on California wildfires; media fight back

Blaming climate – ignoring incompetence

Climate change will make us more likely to wet the bed — & 466 other things

Obama trashes Americans again – this time over global warming

Palm Oil Was Supposed to Help Save the Planet. Instead It Unleashed a Catastrophe

A quick refresher course to remind us of previous global warming/cooling scares

Geo-engineering: Ignoring the consequences

Draft G20 Statement No Longer Supports Paris Climate Agreement

Message from Paris to the UN climate conference in Katowice

Ask the research team: NASA’s climate data

G20 Nations Reportedly Set To Kowtow To Trump On Climate Change

Sea Level Fraudsters Reveal Their Intentions

More honesty and less hubris, more evidence and less dogmatism, would do a world of good

US Fourth Climate Assessment:

The media got it all wrong on the new US climate report

Latest US Climate Report Feeds into Alarmist Fearmongering

Latest Global Warming Lies from US Global Change Research Program

Fake Science Again Serves Far-Left Political Agenda

The Froth of the Fourth

Judith Curry: Is RCP8.5 an impossible scenario?

Experts: Every Conclusion of the Latest Government Report is False

The Fourth National Climate Assessment violates scientific integrity

New Study Highlights Inconvenient Data Omitted from US Climate Report

Climate Expert calls US Government Climate Report “Embarrassing”

Climate Nonsense

Having Fun With the Fourth National Climate Assessment Report

President Trump Doubles Down on Global Warming Skepticism

Presidential Press briefing (see 36:44-38:26, which is on this topic)

Obama-era Holdovers Issue Fake News Climate Report

Obama official helped prepare dire National Climate Assessment

Another government report is dead wrong on fragile state of our planet

New U.S. Climate Report a ‘Scientific Embarrassment’

Making the Environmental Case for Natural Gas Is Simply Imperative


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