Australian Politics – With Liberals Like Turnbull, Who Needs The Labor Party?

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

I’ve said that the current Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison had to call out former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who is determined to destroy the Liberal party that rejected him:

Malcolm Turnbull has been in ­regular contact with Kerryn Phelps and one of his staff members helped the independent MP, who played a key role in counselling Julia Banks before her shock defection from the Liberal Party…

Former Coalition colleagues last night expressed ongoing concern over the support Mr Turnbull has given Dr Phelps, after he was unwilling to provide public backing to Liberal candidate Dave Sharma during the Wentworth by-election campaign.

It also emerged yesterday that Ms Banks, a friend and supporter of the former prime minister, consulted with Dr Phelps for weeks before abandoning Scott Morrison’s government.

A senior Liberal source said they believed that Mr Turnbull was advising Dr Phelps on strategy and that “his hands are all over the Julia Banks” resignation.

“He is consumed by bringing down the government,” the Liberal source said.

A Liberal MP last night questioned whether Mr Turnbull had assisted Dr Phelps to help “win the seat against the Liberal Party and a candidate whose preselection he had endorsed”. Another said the contact between Dr Phelps and Mr Turnbull “speaks for itself and confirms everybody’s suspicions”, adding that “there are suspicions he is in contact with others”.

He is indeed. A very close and powerful ally is also involved.

Turnbull, whose mother walked out on him and his father, has rejection issues that have become rawly obvious again and again. He betrayed Kerry Packer when they fell out, and leaked information against him. He had a public tantrum when he lost the 1999 Republican referendum. He lashed out, betrayed confidences and voted with Labor after losing the Liberal leadership in 2009.

But this revenge is his most operatic yet – and one more proof how mad the Liberals were ever to trust him with the leadership of their party.

It’s not just that Turnbull is angry with the Liberals for doing, in his opinion, the wrong thing in dumping him. Psychologically he badly needs the Liberals to now lose to prove to himself that he was right and good and loved.

He denies today’s story, of course:

How hypocritical Turnbull seems in rereading this deceitful response he gave in 2014:

MALCOLM Turnbull says claims that he’s plotting to overthrow Tony Abbott are “unhinged”, “crazy” and bordering on the “demented”.

The Communications Minister, who was toppled by Mr Abbott as Liberal leader in 2009, this morning responded to claims by News Corp Australia columnist Andrew Bolt that he had “lavished a lot of charm lately on Abbott’s natural predators” as a precursor to a leadership coup…

“I just have to say to Mr Bolt. He proclaims loudly that he is a friend of the government. Well with friends like Bolt, we don’t need any enemies.”

As I said in response that day:

With Liberals like Malcolm Turnbull who needs the Labor party?

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