Energy And Environmental Newsletter – July 30th 2018

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John Droz JrBy John Droz, Jr ~

This is the latest Energy Related newsletter from John Droz.

Greed Energy Economics:

Largest US Wind Project ever, denied on the basis of economics

State asks US Military to pay for wind energy interference (!)

Duke Energy Carolinas withdraws proposal to purchase wind power

Carbon Tax: Market Manipulation is Not Market Choice

Rejecting Carbon Colonialism

The Dubious Basis for a Carbon Tax

Goldman Sachs Puts a Grim Number on Solar Slump for This Year

The Excess Costs of Weather-Dependent Renewables over Gas, for Electricity Generation

Wind PILOT Agreements — A Sharp Slap of Reality

Future uncertain for NY Wind project’s tax breaks (PILOT)

New York power users fear paying twice for clean energy attributes

Consumers Lose with Cuomo’s Bet on Wind Energy

NY offshore wind project cost will be borne by the whole state

The cost of offshore wind power: worse than we thought

Ontario cancels wind, solar contracts

Ontario Kills Renewable Energy Projects To Bring Bills Down

Puncturing the Inequality Fact Balloon

Massachusetts residents pay the highest average retail price for power in the continental US

US Wind Energy $4.5 Billion Transmission line is ‘Game Changer’

Citizens don’t want to sacrifice quality of life for money from wind turbines

Wind Developer reportedly delinquent on paying contractors millions

GE Turbine Sales Down in “Challenging” Market

New Report: Grid Resiliency and Consumers’ Wallets Take a Hit with Premature Coal Plant Retirements

Turbine Health Matters:

Noise (30-35 dBA), etc rules added to DeKalb County wind ordinance draft

Penn Forest (PA) hearing focuses on noise level

Policymakers demand answers about GenX-like compounds in solar panels

Renewable Energy Destroying Ecosystems:

Massive Canadian forest fire sparked by wind project construction

Offshore wind projects need closer look

Archive: Bees reportedly being killed by wind turbine infrasound

Archive: Bees and Wind Turbines

Wind energy’s big disposal problem

Miscellaneous Energy News:

An all-renewable energy policy is a prescription for disaster

NY Farm Family Speaks Out Against Industrial Wind Projects

MIT – Making nuclear energy safer and more affordable

The Texas Wind Power Story: Part 2

Trump On Target Regarding German Energy Mistakes

A disturbing energy development: Community Choice Aggregation

Let There Be More Than Light

What the new Ontario Government means for the Energy Sector – an analysis

NY DEC Denies LPG Storage Proposal — Due To Community Character

Wind turbines demonstrate what they can’t deliver: reliability

Weird ‘wind drought’ means Britain’s turbines are at a standstill

Nuclear Security

There Are Questions Worth Asking about the Amazon Wind Project

Urgent need: Legislators must protect radar systems from wind turbines

Germany’s Incoherent Energy Policy

Luddite eco-imperialists claim to be virtuous

Lighthouse Wind Project (NY) Continues to Face Staunch Opposition

Consultants Hired to Assist NY Town with Article 10

New stackable wind power device aimed at circumventing planning barriers

President Trump’s comments re energy and the Three Seas Initiative

California Wants to Reinvent the Power Grid. So What Could Go Wrong?

Iowa High Court mandates removal of wind turbines

Wind developer cancels proposed Wisconsin project

The $3 Billion Plan to Turn Hoover Dam into a Giant Battery

Entropy, Energy and Order in the Universe

Energy & Man (part 3)

Wind Developer Lobbied Against NY Bill to Protect the Military

An extensive list of victories against wind energy— just in 2018!

A Record-Setting Summer in Texas – and Renewables

Virginia county planners deny solar project

Let There Be More Than Light (solar)

Solar Plan Collides With Farm Tradition in Pacific Northwest

Short Video: Immigration and Energy

Short video: Black Gold

Manmade Global Warming Articles:

The ‘Heartbeat’ of the Deep State, Climate, Corruption, and Lack of Accountability

Lawsuits Are Not The Answer to Climate Change

Climate models that can’t predict climate

Whatever Happened to Agenda 21 and Climate Change Policy?

Meat and dairy emissions ‘could surpass those from largest oil firms’

US Coastal Sea Level Rise Rate So Far Only About 1/7 Of UN IPCC Projections

CO2 Reduction: US Beats the Entire Paris Climate Accord

The latest global warming scare might make you want to kill yourself

The “Temperature Circle” Deception

Obama-era EPA Deal With UN to Impose Agenda 2030 Still in Force

Dr. Will Happer Interview re Global Warming

Obama Administration Substantially Over-estimated Drilling Emissions

Maladaptation to bogus climate change

30 Years of Manufactured News

NOAA: Climate Extremes for each US State

Climate change, the scientific method and the search for truth

Scientists Are Being Purged From Universities for Doing Science

Carly Fiorina educates leftist Katie Couric on ‘climate change’

Global warming? 2018 year of ‘lost summer’ for Arctic

Judge Kavanaugh: a Regulatory Reformer

Beware Scientific Studies — Most Are Wrong

Stare Decisis, the EPA, and the Endangerment Finding

Trump Sets Sights On Obama’s Misguided Climate Change Regulations

Yes, It’s Hot, But No It’s Not Global Warming

Graphic: The Scientific Method: Then vs Now

The U.S. government is still the UN’s top climate alarmist

All These Climate Change Lawsuits Will Be Thrown Out

The Perils of “Near-Tabloid Science”

The Hansen Forecasts 30 Years Later

Climate Uncertainty and Risk

Pushback Against Canadian Global Warming Policies

The mayor of Honolulu should not believe in sea level speculations


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