Energy And Environmental Newsletter – November 27th 2017

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John Droz JrBy John Droz, Jr ~

This is the latest Energy Related newsletter from John Droz.

Greed Energy Economics:

Stop Subsidizing the Big Wind Bullies

Excellent: Senate speech re killing the wind PTC

Presentation: Hidden Costs of Wind and Solar Power

10 Years of Wind Maintenance to Exceed $40 Billion

The Market for Electricity is Rigged

Wind Turbine Maker Siemens Gamesa will Cut 6000 Jobs

GOP Tax Plan cuts PTC and amount of expected wind

Wind Energy Feels the Force of World Markets

Unsustainable model: Carbon tax would make businesses less competitive

Tear down or leave up all the old wind turbines?

UK Bars any Green Subsidies

$11B± of Texas Wind Projects in Limbo

Turbine Health Matters:

Vermont Approves New Wind Noise Regulations

Peer-Reviewed Paper: Subjective perception of wind turbine noise

Video: Brown County (WI) meeting re wind energy health effects

Renewable Energy Destroying Ecosystems:

Report by head of German Wildlife Foundation: Truly Green?

Bird and bat species’ vulnerability to collision mortality from wind turbines

Residents continue to seek answers over damaged wells near wind project

Wind related dirty water delivered to environmental minister

Fishermen worry that offshore turbines will damage their business

Miscellaneous Energy News:

Wind and Solar Power Advance, but Carbon Refuses to Retreat

Wind & Solar are Less Efficient Decarbonizers than CC Gas Turbines

Maine DEP Issues Draft Wind Energy Rules: w two VERY good parts

Grid-Scale Storage of Renewable Energy: The Impossible Dream

Videos: America First Energy Conference

Tesla battery production releases as much CO2 as 8 years of gasoline driving

A worthwhile new energy movie: The New Fire

Very Good Book: Fueling Freedom – Exposing the Mad War on Energy

Find the cure – ignore the symptoms

How Oregon let its clean energy program enrich rule breakers

Report on wind turbines interference with the military

Debating turbines in Western NY

Indiana Officials Side Against Wind Project

Stanton County (Nebraska) bars wind energy development

A New US-China Energy Relationship May Be On The Horizon

$1 million for efforts of FORGE geothermal project in Nevada

US energy trading and implications for Asia

Tell Congress: End the Costly Renewable Fuel Standard

Please make comments in support of killing the “Clean Power Plan”

Heartland’s current “Energy Freedom Score Card

Planned wind project puts nearby airport in nosedive

Manmade Global Warming Articles:

President Trump is winning the climate wars

Unambiguous Fraud In The National Climate Assessment

The Paris Agreement: A Fairytale’s Failure

Reconciling CO2 Concentrations With Emissions and Energy Consumption

NOAA Lets Politics Corrupt Its Science

Important crowd-funding request is here

Core of climate science is in the real-world data

The Climate Alarmists Definitely Don’t Believe Their Own Propaganda

NYT: The Climate Crisis? It’s Capitalism, Stupid

The Real Story Behind The Heartland Institute’s Role In The Trump Admin

How Trump saved freedom and democracy from the Climate Industrial Complex

A Deceptive New Report on Climate

Bill Nye, The Not-So-Science Guy, Gets Slammed

Climate Champion China Leads the World … To Record CO2 Emissions

Climate Song and Dance

Utah has chance to improve science and climate education in schools

African NGOs want to kick U.S. out of UN climate conference

California Gov. to Vatican: ‘Brainwashing’ Needed to Tackle Climate Change

Impeach Tom Steyer

Open Letter to Honorable Prime Minister of Fiji and President of COP23

Australian University Enforces Warmist Groupthink by Threatening Prof

MIT Study Linking Hurricane Harvey Rainfall To Climate Change Is Bunk

Worthwhile book: The Origins of the IPCC

Who is this humble, brilliant scientist, and why is he revolutionary?

Trump’s Failing Revolution

EPA draining the swamp like no one else in DC

Mugged By Reality, Germany’s Climate Consensus is Collapsing

Archive: Dr. Happer Interview re Global Warming

Environmentalism Is Increasingly Anti-Human, Pro-Authoritarian

Insincerity, Hypocrisy, and Hype Rife in Bonn Climate Negotiations

After 30 Years, Alarmists Are Still Predicting A Global Warming ‘Apocalypse’

The Liberal Astro-turfers behind the Global Warming Scare

Don’t confuse science with modeling

Alex Epstein video: Harvard Business School Fireside Chat


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