Energy And Environmental Newsletter – September 25th 2017

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John Droz JrBy John Droz, Jr ~

This is the latest Energy Related newsletter from John Droz.

Greed Energy Economics:

Alert: Integrating the Social Cost of Carbon into NYS Utility Pricing

Maine Gets Rid of Net Metering

ITC Finds that US Solar Manufactures have been Economically Injured

“Voluntary” Corporate Climate Change Compliance

Turbine Health Matters:

Four people die in helicopter crash near major NC wind project

Infrasound being used as a weapon in Cuba?

Massachusetts wind turbine study is junk science

Major Wind Energy Health Care Meeting (Wisconsin)

Renewable Energy Destroying Ecosystems:

China’s ageing solar panels are going to be a big environmental problem

Miscellaneous Energy News:

Societal Benefits of Fossil Fuels

Study: Hidden consequences of intermittent electricity production

Vermont Energy Goal Numbers Don’t Add up

The EPA Needs to Stick to its Knitting

Unwinding Failing Renewables Policies

An astounding wind energy conflict of interest — where is the press?

Wind developer complains that citizen rights activists are biased(!)

James Lovelock on “Wicked Renewables”

New laboratory for geothermal energy established in Canada

It’s time to rethink Australia’s ban on nuclear power

Hurricane Harvey Makes The Case For Nuclear Power

USVI: no electricity leads to severe hardship and lawlessness

Australian Government Walks Away from Renewables Plan

Germany’s Green Mega-Flop: Renewable Energy Billions Fail To Deliver Climate Goals

How Merkel’s Green Energy Policy Has Fueled Demand for Coal

Study: Analyzing and Estimating the Economic and Job Benefits of U.S. Coal

Scientists Discover Method for Cleaner Fossil Fuels

The dangerous journey down the path of renewables

Judge Blocks Development of Controversial Wind Project (Kansas)

Developer Pulls the Plug on Illinois Wind Project

Indonesia’s geothermal reserves estimated at 16,000 MW

Manmade Global Warming Articles:

Global Warming: Who Are The Deniers Now?

Red team-Blue team exercise will expose junk science

Despite hurricane activity science is not sure of climate change impacts

NOAA: Global Warming and Hurricanes

Before and after hurricanes Harvey and Irma, fossil fuels saved lives

97 Articles refuting the bogus 97% claim

Important: Open Call for Scientists to participate with IPCC Sixth Assessment

Report: US Should Stick to its Guns re its Paris Agreement Decision

A comprehensive Report on Bill McKibben

Climate Scientists Are Not Noble, Stop Paying Them

Pruitt Interview: EPA will be going back to basics

We don’t yet know whether we are in a permanent period of global warming

The 97% Claim is 100% Wrong

No, Hurricanes Aren’t More Frequent or Severe

Wealthy Countries More Resilient to Extreme Weather

Study: El Niño and natural climate change

Media blackout on NASA report that sea level has fallen the last two years

Data versus Hype: How Ten Cities Show Sea-level Rise Is a False Crisis

Net Increase in Greenland Ice Mass

NOAA Disbands Climate Advisory Committee

Paris Agreement Was Mostly Paper Promises

Video: US Should Stick to its Guns re its Paris Agreement Decision

Preventing the other climate catastrophe

Federal Judge Deals Major Blow to Anti-Exxon Crusaders

New research disputes that climate change sparked the Syrian civil war

Some Good Articles on Science:

The Definition of Science

Poll: most Americans don’t consume any science news whatsoever

Some Reasons Why Scientists And The Public Do Not See Eye To Eye

Scientists ‘Spin’ Their Data To Make It Sound Better


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