Recent Energy And Environmental News – October 3rd 2016

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John Droz JrBy John Droz, Jr ~

This is the latest Energy Related newsletter from John Droz.

Greed Energy Economics:

Wind Developer Proposes Buying Out Homeowners within 3000 feetwind turbine

Idaho Government Predicts Economic Boom for SMRs

Wind and Solar Are a Bad Deal

The Solar Industry Cashes In On Government Subsidies

The Problem with Offshore Wind Energy: Cost

Green Bullies Distortions Are Putting Businesses in the Red

NYS Energy Standard will have Big Cost and Little Effect

A Growth Friendly Climate Change Proposal — Opposed by Environmentalists

Turbine Health Matters:

Four Years of Misery Caused by Hoosac Wind

How Green is Evergreen Pain?

Federal Lawsuit about Wind Project Health Issues

Turbine Shutdown Brings Neighbors’ Relief

Renewable Energy Destroying Ecosystems:

Saskatchewan Rejects Proposed Wind Project to Protect Birds

Hiding Evidence of the Massacre

Study: Wind Turbines Killing More Birds Than Just Those Found Locally

Miscellaneous Energy News:

Excellent: Send the Wind Developers Packing

Another Blackout: South Australia’s Wind Energy Disaster Continues

Rushing to Renewable Energy Puts Energy Sector at Risk

Short Video: Where Your Electricity Comes From

China Stokes Global Coal Growth

Ontario: Wind Opponents See Liberals Backing Down

Opposition to Wind Facilities Spreading Across the US

A UN and tribal takeover?

The ‘Clean Power’ Putsch

China Funds and Builds Europe’s New Coal Plants

Now Deal is Signed, China Starts Rising Coal Production

Trump Promises Deregulation of Energy Production

New York’s New Climate Policy a Model for Other States

NYS Eyes More Offshore Wind

Protection of Military Airfields from Wind Turbine Encroachment Act

Poem: Wind Energy in Perspective

Manmade Global Warming Articles:

Setting The Climate Record Straight – Theory vs. Reality

EPA’s Three Lines of Climate Change Evidence are Invalidated

Modeling Climate Change Decisions Using a Probability Tree

Epstein on Free Speech (Stossel TV Clip)

Scientists Publish Climate Research Under Fake Names

Four Studies Find ‘No Observable Sea-Level Effect’ From Climate Change

Application for NYT Climate Change Editor

Science As We Know It Is Becoming Shoddy and Unreliable

Cutthroat Academia Leads To Natural Selection of Bad Science

Rescuing Science From Itself

Malcolm Robert’s First Legislative Speech

A Civil Lawsuit Against Some Global Warming Activists

EU Fails to Agree on Ratifying Paris Agreement

Report on New Dawn of Truth Climate Conference

Global Warming Advocates Promote Inaccurate Cartoon

Powering Countries, Empowering People

Climate Exaggeration is Backfiring

Some Political Elite Out-of-Touch on Climate Change

Governor Jerry Brown Signs Bill To Regulate Cow Flatulence


Final Thoughts

Our proposed national energy slogan is “All of the Sensible” (in contrast to the absurd “All of the Above”). Once legislators have grasped that concept, the foolishness of the “leveling the playing field” idea also becomes apparent. (Should the 18-wheeler trucks and golf cart playing field be leveled?) Additionally we should be using the term “unreliables” when speaking of renewables. Please pass these on.


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