Australian Election 2016 – Typical Green: Blaming The World For Their Own Failure

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

An Australian Greens Party Senator diagnoses a capitalist ill after a reporter gives her a lift:

Australian Greens Party Senator Lee Rhiannon

Australian Greens Party Senator Lee Rhiannon

As the Greens candidates pack up their things and say goodbye to volunteers, Senator Lee Rhiannon moves toward the station gates; she has taken the train out to Sydenham, forgoing the taxpayer-funded car or Cabcharge. I have driven my car, so I offer the senator and her staffer a lift back to their office in the Sydney CBD. What would have been an eight-minute train ride becomes a 30-minute crawl through morning peak hour traffic.

“This is the problem with capitalism,” Rhiannon muses …

Exactly how is a traffic jam at peak hour a problem of capitalism?

Is it because capitalism makes people actually rich enough to afford cars?

Or is it because Rhiannon-preferred socialism would actually ban people from using them?

Tim Blair suggests the real reason for Rhiannon’s slow ride. Rhiannon is blaming the system when she should blame herself:

No, it’s the problem with choosing to ride in Josh Butler-Chauffeur’s crappy car during Sydney’s morning peak hour.

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