Recent Energy And Environmental News – October 26th 2015

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This is the latest Energy Related newsletter from John Droz.

Greed Energy Economics:

wind turbineAn Environmentalist’s Take: Blowing It On the Wind

AEA important new webpage: End Wind Welfare

Ten Reasons to End the Wind PTC

Wind Project Officials Differ On Need for Subsidies

Followup: Wind Energy’s True Costs

3 days plus 3 EPA regulations equals $6 billion in new costs

European Renewables Investment Heads Towards Zero

UK Wind Energy Constraint Payments

The Social Costs of Renewable Energy

The Social Benefits of Carbon

Wind Projects excluded from some NY PILOT Agreements

Renewable Energy Pushes European Electricity Costs Higher

Turbine Health Matters:

Wind turbines proven to be threat to people’s health

Wind developer moves turbine at ill citizen’s formal request

Citizens file a (non-wind) lawsuit against noise and property devaluation

Renewable Energy and Environmental Matters:

Wind Turbines Are Killing Bats And Hurting Farmers

Stanford Report: Solar Plants Could ‘Obliterate’ Unique Ecosystems

Solar batteries—are they really green?

Massive Solar Power Plant Emits 46,000 Tons of CO2

US Court Alters Course on Bird Killings

Wind turbines may reduce breeding success of some eagles

Miscellaneous Energy News:

The secret is out: wind is wimpy

Renewable Energy At The Crossroads – IEA

Can We Rely on Wind and Solar Energy?

2,300+ coal fired power plants are planned or under construction worldwide

India leads Asia’s dash for coal

How Coal is Made (short video)

For Sustainable Energy, Choose Nuclear

Is Uranium Inexhaustible?

The Reign of Recycling

EPA’s Disastrous “Clean Power” Plan

The ‘Clean Power Plan’ still blocks expansion of nuke-generated electricity

24 States sue to overturn EPA’s Power Plan

Democratic Dice Are Loaded

Shaking out the lies surrounding earthquakes and hydraulic fracturing

U.S. Offshore Wind: A Government Pipe Dream

Hundreds of wind turbines could be off NC coast in 10 years

NC Area residents concerned about offshore wind turbines

NC coastal residents sue to block Amazon wind project

E&E Legal files suit about Colorado’s RPS

Manmade Global Warming:

The “uncertainty loop” haunting our climate models

How a liberal environmentalist switched from climate proponent to skeptic

US Senator Ted Cruz Reams Head of Sierra Club

Sierra Club President Disregards Satellite Data

PhD: Europe’s Climate Policy Does Nothing for Climate

Top Physicist Bolts from Global Warming

Environmental activists turn up the rhetorical heat

The Only Global Warming Chart You’ll Need From Now On

Why Greenhouse Gas Theory is Wrong — An Examination of the Theoretical Basis

Activist scientists plus activist judges

Shut Up — Or We’ll Shut You Down

Critics probe scientist who advocated RICO laws to silence AGW skeptics

France’s Top Weatherman Loses Job Over Climate Change Position

London Institute of Mechanical Engineers talk: Should We Celebrate CO2?

CO2 Boosts Crop Production by $140 Billion a Year

Chinese Academy of Sciences: Global Warming May be Good for China

New Climate Regulations will Save a Lot of Imaginary People

Greenhouse Gases Warmed the Earth Somewhat, but Additions Now Cool it

CO2 – The View From Space – update

Common Sense Prevails in Climate Change Presentation

Cows Help Form Clouds and Cool the Climate

Fund manager David Herro criticises corporate ‘climate appeasers’

The UN and the Upcoming Climate Meeting:

The IPCC’s Legion of Hacks and Dunces

The Futility and Farce of Climate Negotiations

What Good Is an Unenforceable Climate Deal?

Why That UN Climate Deal Is Already A Dead Duck

Secretive UN Legal Conference Wants to Outlaw “Climate Change Denial”

Obama Is Planning to Circumvent Congress Yet Again on Climate Regulations


Final Thoughts

Our proposed national energy slogan is “All of the Sensible” (in contrast to the absurd “All of the Above”). Once legislators have grasped that concept, the foolishness of the “leveling the playing field” idea also becomes apparent. (Should the 18-wheeler trucks and golf cart playing field be leveled?) Additionally we should be using the term “unreliables” when speaking of renewables. Please pass these on.


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