Ozone Overreach

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By David Rothbard  ~ 

O3_Overreach_EPA_CFACT.jpgEPA has become President Obama’s economic wrecking ball.

Its proposed new ozone standards are a prime example.

Alan Caruba cites a National Association of Manufacturers study at CFACT.org which concludes that, “a 60 ppb ozone standard would result in a GDP reduction of $270 billion per year, a loss of up to 2.9 million jobs equivalents annually, and a reduction of $1,570 in average annual household consumption. Electricity costs could increase up to 23% and natural gas cost by up to 52% over the period to 2040.”

All that pain for no meaningful environmental gain.

If EPA were following its mandate to “faithfully administer” the Clean Air Act and other legislation, it would conduct a cost-benefit analysis, conclude that the benefits do not justify the costs and scrap this foolish ozone rule.

Sadly, the stark economic and scientific facts about ozone, like those concerning Keystone XL, global warming, the “Waters of the United States” and so many other policies, are of little interest to the eco-ideologues calling the shots at EPA.

CFACT recently presented testimony on ozone to EPA which combined Bonner Cohen’s scholarly heft with concerns from our Collegians members about what the proposed rules mean for their economic future. 

EPA needs to wake up to the reality of the economic harm it is doing. 

Both American families and the American environment deserve better.


By Alan Caruba