SONY Hack Reveals Obama’s 2015 (and beyond) Resolutions

Posted on Sat 01/10/2015 by


by Molli Nickell ~


Courtesy of Sony, a few pages leaked from Obama’s journal, detailing his plans for 2015.


I SHALL saunter into my oval office by noon every single day unless I have a golf game or beer summit scheduled.


I SHALL meet with my cabinet members for 15 minutes on the third Thursday of odd numbered months, unless Valerie (Jarrett) won’t let me.


BHO_T-ShirtI SHALL offer an olive branch to the new Republican Congress so I can whack them with it when they request compromise for their pro-America, pro-economy legislation. (Why would low-income families want 40-hour work weeks when they can just can kick back and enjoy my freebies of food stamps, welfare, and T-shirts?)


I SHALL designate March as “Jon Gruber Month” to honor him for collapsing Obamacare and guaranteeing achievement of my ultimate goal: single-payer Medicaid coverage for all Americans (except my elite friends).


 Putin_GraniteAnd what about plans for Al Sharpton, Putin, Bibi, and the T-Party? CLICK HERE to read the entire column at TheBlaze.




God Bless America!