Iraq’s New War – If You’re Not Going To Finish The Job, Don’t Start It!

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There’s something not quite right happening in Iraq right now. I’d like to write about it, but I’m not sure how to word it correctly to ensure the correct context on the matter, but here goes anyway.

It’s a Shi’ite versus Sunni thing, and it always has been, and that is the root cause of the all the trouble in the Middle East. Internal Muslim infighting, which will never be sorted out, NEVER. This makes the Catholic versus Protestant infighting in Northern Ireland look like a game of tiddlywinks, and here, see how again, it’s all about a religious belief.

BOTH sides absolutely hate the U.S. or as they call them, ‘The Great Satan’, with a passion, and when any foreign force shows up, usually the U.S. and usually only after pleas for help from the UN in an effort to try and resolve the situation, both sides immediately stop fighting each other and then fight that foreign force. If that foreign force is fighting Sunni’s, then the Shi’ite’s just sit back and bide their time, waiting for the inevitable withdrawal. The same thing happens if that foreign force is fighting the Shi’ites, when the Sunni’s just sit back and bide their time. Then, almost immediately after that withdrawal, they just resume the fighting amongst themselves.

You hear the usual quotes, the usual platitudes about this being about Democracy, but it has nothing whatsoever to do with that. The UN rabbits on about Democracy also, knowing full well it’s really just these two factions fighting each other. And the media, and then the Western World falls for that Democracy line, and foreign troops are sent in, usually to die in quite large numbers for what usually amounts to absolutely no real result, no matter what is said. If you think that what happens next, the supposed installation of a democratically elected Government, then, again, you are being given incorrect information, because one side gets elected while the other side boycotts the election, and then the newly installed Government favors those who support its side of this religious divide, more often than not at the behest of the Mullahs of that side. Democracy has nothing to do with all this.

Then, as soon as the U.S. and those others pull out, all hell breaks loose, and again, who is the first Country called upon to do something about it? The U.S. again at the behest of the UN.

Notice how that so called ‘great saviour’, the UN is all but toothless here, and their silence or action is deafeningly quiet, and, if they are asked to do something, they too will call upon the U.S. the only Country capable of providing military support on the scale required.

The U.S. should just tell them all to just sort it out for themselves ….. and then see what happens. It’ll just get worse.

Get the UN to fix it. That’s supposed to be their job, the sole reason they were started in the beginning, to mediate World troubles with diplomacy, so then, get them to sort this out. Fat chance there is of that ever happening.

Many years ago, I saw an interview here on Australian TV, on the ABC. (the Australian National Broadcaster, the ABC) The interviewer was speaking with a tribal warlord in Afghanistan, who was associated with the Taliban. (Sunni) They were discussing if there would be peace after the U.S. pulled out, and the tribal warlord said no. The interviewer (who was a female journalist) asked this warlord how long it would take for the Taliban to start their warlike actions after the U.S. and other forces pulled out.

His reply was ….. ‘quote’ “The following morning.”

The same is happening here in Iraq. It will never be solved.

Everyone forgets the Iran Iraq war back in the late 70’s and 80’s. Same thing. Shi’ite versus Sunni. Same in Syria, as the Bashir led government is Alawite, a sub group of Shi’ite, and the people fighting Bashir are Sunni.

Look at Hezbollah (Shia) and Hamas (Sunni). The same happened in Lebanon, and everywhere else where there is, or has been trouble in the Middle East. One Muslim group fighting the other Muslim group.

Democracy has nothing whatsoever to do with all this.

It’s Shi’ite versus Sunni, internal Muslim infighting.

Stay out of it.

Sunni and Shi'a map

Sunni and Shi’a map (Click on map for a larger view)