The Prince of Hopenchange: a Politically Incorrect Fable~

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Once upon a time . . . a dark cloud settled over a country of decent-and-hard-working people. Fearful about losing their jobs, homes, and savings, everyone tossed and turned at night. 

GG-MN_Obama-PrinceOfHopenchange44But then, TAH! DAH! Along came The Prince of Hopenchange, sword of righteousness in one hand, teleprompter in the other. He spoke with such sincerity that almost everyone became enthralled with his charming smile, oh-so-generously-sized ears, and lovely wife who’d suddenly become proud of her country for the first time in her life.  

 Championing himself as THE ONE who could save the country, he double-pinky promised to smite those who had created the dark cloud–meaning the fat-cat bankers and dishonest rich people working on the street named “Wall.”

He triple-pinky promised much, much more of everything that mattered, including jobs, opportunities, fairness in government, medical care, cooperation between political parties, and government transparency so the decent-and-hard-working people could observe their elected employees fulfilling their sworn duties.

NOTE: When the Prince of Hopenchange promised more of everything for every one, the decent and hard-working people didn’t quite understand what he really truly meant by more.

Never, in their wildest dream, could they have imagined that he meant more economic uncertainty and recession – more government spending – more borrowing – more debt – more excuses – more blaming – more closed businesses – more doctors retiring early – more unemployment – more apologizing for America’s greatness – more intentional political gridlock – more business-killing rules and regulations – more executive orders to bypass Congress – more attacks against the Constitution – all orchestrated behind more heavily fortified double-locked doors in Washington, DC.

During his presidential campaign, he repeated hope and change and hope and change and hope and change and hope and change so often that a spell fell over the multitudes. Lost in their dreams of a better tomorrow, nobody questioned the qualifications of a community organizer of Irish-African-American heritage who had never owned or worked in a business, or achieved much of anything that mattered.

Nobody questioned why he sat in his Chicago church for 20 years and heard nothing, saw nothing, and said nothing as his minister spewed forth hatred against pasty, white-skinned people in general and America in particular.

Nobody seemed to care that the Prince of Hopenchange had been AWOL when he was an Illinois state Senator.
Nobody cared that when he actually was present in the Senate, he most often voted present instead of disclosing an opinion except when the issue was progressive in nature, like “the infanticide law” which supported killing aborted newborns who were born alive. This he supported three times.
Nobody in the media cared why the records of birth, education, and travel records of possibly the next president of the most powerful country in the world were hidden from public view (and still are).
GG-MN_Obama-PrinceOfHopenchange_48Instead, lame-stream media went all a-tingle and fell in love with the Prince of Hopenchange. They anointed him as their CHOSEN ONE, the messiah who would unite the world in love, peace, and brotherhood.

Then, an amazing co-ink-ee-dink occurred two months just before the 2008 national election. The housing bubble burst. Millions of citizens instantly lost 40% equity in their homes as well as chunks of their retirement savings. “Oh dear! Oh dear! Woe is me!” echoed far and wide across the country.

“Not to fear,”assured the Prince of Hopenchange. “I am THE ONE who will fix everything so you all can move back onto your path leading to “happily ever after.”

Enough people believed him that he was elected by a narrow margin. But then, oh-my-goodness! Oh-my-gracious!

The Prince of Hopenchange moved into our White House and summoned HIS CHOSEN ONES–political cronies, radical advisers, home-town thugs, union bosses, basketball pals, lobbyists, community organizers, secular socialists, a few Marxists, and a communist or two–all determined to fundamentally transform America.

The Prince of Hopenchange removed his smiley face mask and revealed his true self as the Deceiver-in-Chief. He smirked when opposition leaders tried to present ideas for compromise and told them, “I won. You lost! Shut up and go away!”

The Deceiver-in-Chief smiled as his White House comrades-in-arms launched hundreds, then thousands of cripple-the-economy rules, regulations and taxes. He applauded their fulfillment of his promises of equality when they launched class-and-race warfare to separate the “less equals” from the “equals” and the “more equals.”

The Deceiver-in-Chief tossed his promise of transparency into the trash and cloaked corrupt deals and political manipulations behind closed and locked doors. He dissed the country’s honored documents and covenants that promised liberty for all. When the decent and hard working citizens politely reminded the Deceiver-in-Chief of his vow to honor their Constitution, he sneered,

          Constitution?  I don’t need no stinkin’ Constitution.

GG-MN_Obama-PrinceOfHopenchange_47And then, one night, he and his minions danced on the White House lawn by the light of the silvery moon as they welcomed a new resident, the Zombie-from-Chicago. (But whoopsie! That’s a story for another day.)


Ask a low-information voter: How do you feel when you’ve been lied to? What can you can do about it? This can lead into a conversation about becoming more aware and involved in electing honest and true Americans on a local and state level, and especially during mid-term elections in 2014.

This fable is an excerpt from Molli’s upcoming book, “Uncle SCAM Wants Your Money and Your Country,” to be published in August. CLICK HERE to read a sneak preview of Chapter One. A former publisher, Time-Life editor, motivational speaker, and author, Molli writes Politically Incorrect Fables to enlighten low-information voters, amuse patriots, and irritate progressives. Additional fables and daily rants are posted at

Dear fellow patriots,
As the Campaigner-in-Chief continues to push for the same-o-same-o lame-o-lame-o programs that have been ineffective for five years, this opens the door for conversation with low-information voters. What are the true goals of this failed leader and how the heck did he become President of the United States in the first place?

FYI: This week’s fable is an excerpt from my book, “Uncle SCAM Wants Your Money and Your Country” to be published in August.

Thanks for standing up and helping in the battle to reclaim freedom.
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