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Today’s music video is ‘Gypsy’ from Fleetwood Mac.

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The band Fleetwood Mac has had a much celebrated history. They started in 1967, and the only existing original member is Mick Fleetwood. The second part of the band’s title was from John McVie who joined the band for their second album. Christine McVie was originally Christine Perfect, and she has appeared on all but 2 of their albums, either as a full band member, or originally as a backing ‘session’ musician, on keyboards.

The original line up included the band’s leader Peter Green, and when he left, Bob Welch joined a little later, and when he left, the band went through a further renaissance, and Lindsey Buckingham was asked to replace Welch, and he agreed, but only if he could bring his girlfriend and co writer/musician, Stephanie (‘Stevie’ Nicks) with him.

The original line ups also included the gifted duo of Jeremy Spencer, and later Danny Kirwan.

Prior to Buckingham and Nicks joining the band, Fleetwood Mac had already produced 10 albums, and a number of hits. They got one of their largest early ‘breaks’ when Carlos Santana picked up their song ‘Black Magic Woman’.

That original Fleetwood Mac have a place in musical history when one of their songs reached the Top of the UK charts twice, four years apart, the absolutely beautiful instrumental, ‘Albatross’, (featured at this link) once in 1968/9 when The Beatles were at their peak prior to the breakup of that band, and again in 1973.

The first album after Buckingham and Nicks joined the band was the 1975 monster, and huge selling album titled with just the name of the band. Their second album in 1977, ‘Rumours’ was even bigger than that, and to date has sold more than 40 million copies World wide. This album won them the Grammy Award for Best Album in 1977.

Then came the wonderful double album ‘Tusk’, and the next album was ‘Mirage’, and today’s featured song is from that 1982 album.

Stevie Nicks composed the song originally in 1979, and reworked part of it prior to its release on this album, and also for release as a single for the band. This album produced five Singles as well, two of them going into the Top Ten.

This clip shown here shows images mainly of Stevie, including some footage from the original video clip, and also some live footage along with a montage of images of Stevie Nicks.

This version is the extended version of the song, and I particularly prefer this version for the wonderful guitar work, which is then played as a continuous ‘loop’, as the band did with a few of their songs around this time.

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