What Is More Important? Universal Health Care Or The War In Afghanistan?

Posted on Thu 09/24/2009 by


The President appears to feel that we can either win the war in Afghanistan, or we can have universal health care.

 But that we can’t do both.

The top U.S commander in Afghanistan, General McChrystal, recently publicly stated that the U.S. needs to deploy more troops to Afghanistan.

McChrystal has stated that some 40,000 additional soldiers are needed, much like the troop surge during the war in Iraq during the Bush administration.

The General is so adamant about the need for more troops for the war in Afghanistan to be brought to a successful conclusion that if they are not forthcoming, he has threatened to resign.

In recent days, President Obama has stated that he has not taken this matter under consideration because he has not received a written request for additional troops from  McChrystal.

However, it turns out that statement is not factual.

In the first major “leak” to come from the Obama White House, Bob Woodward of the Washington…Read the rest of this entry