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Climate Change Idiocy and The Economist

November 26, 2010 by


By Alan Caruba For a brief period I subscribed to The Economist, the London-based internationally distributed magazine, but I stopped as it became obvious that its editors are idiots and the general purpose of the magazine is to ignore any and all facts that might contradict their obsession with “global warming” and now “climate change.” […]

Climate Talks or Wealth Redistribution Talks?

November 20, 2010 by


By Nicolas Loris Typically the largest wealth distribution program that occurs in Cancun, Mexico, is college students spending their parents’ money. That could change at the upcoming United Nations climate summit if developing countries clamoring for money to cope with global warming get their wish. With each passing year, it’s clear that international climate change […]

How Rudd’s vanity corrupted our national priorities

November 20, 2010 by


By Andrew Bolt Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was deposed as Prime Minister in what amounted to a Party Room coup, and he was replaced by Julia Gillard. Following the recent election when Labor was returned with to a minority Government, needing the support of Independents to retain Government, Rudd was then installed as […]

IPCC confirms: the climate’s just the latest excuse to snatch the West’s wealth

November 19, 2010 by


By Andrew Bolt Senior IPCC official Ottmar Edenhofer spells it out: The climate summit in Cancun at the end of the month is not a climate conference, but one of the largest economic conferences since the Second World War … one must say clearly that we redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy. […]

The UN and Climate Change – Ten Fateful Words

November 9, 2010 by


I saw this article on Saturday just gone, and it immediately piqued my interest. Click on the link and read the article before going any further. UN climate panel calls for carbon and transport taxes. Nearly three years ago now, I started contributing posts at this site, in the form of a series on the […]

Goodbye Global Warming, Hello Biodiversity

October 31, 2010 by


By Alan Caruba After three decades of trying to push the global warming scam to a point where billions could be made selling and trading bogus “carbon credits”, the global schemers have abandoned it in the wake of 2009 revelations that a handful of rogue climate scientists were literally inventing the data to support it. […]

‘Biodiversity’: The New Big Lie

October 24, 2010 by


By James Delingpole Climate Change is dead. Long live the new Eco Lie. And so it begins. With all the shamelessness of a Goldman Sachser trading in his middle-aged wife for a hot, pouting twenty-something called Ivanka, the green movement is ditching “Climate Change”. The newer, younger, sexier model’s name? Biodiversity. (Mega hat tips to: […]

What “World Opinion” Are We Talking About?

September 25, 2010 by


By Dr. Laina Farhat-Holzman The UN’s opening session is September 21 this year and Iran’s president Ahmadinejad entertained us again at the opening. This is also a good time to review the UN’s concept of “world opinion.” The General Assembly seems only interested in Israel’s sins, while all other issues are neglected. There is malfeasance […]

The U.N. Wants To Tax The World Out Of Poverty

September 23, 2010 by


By Jim Roberts At the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) Summit in New York this week, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Spain’s Prime Minister José Luis Zapatero both called for a global financial transaction tax to fund foreign aid projects to lift the world’s poor out of poverty. Sounding more like a populist politician […]

A U.N. Internet Governance Power Grab?

September 17, 2010 by


By Brett Schaefer At the Internet Governance Forum meeting earlier this week in Vilnius, Lithuania, Rod Beckstrom, President and Chief Executive Officer of Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) expressed his concern and worry about efforts by some governments to constrain the independence of the Internet at the upcoming U.N. General Assembly session. […]

Imam Rauf, Ground Zero Huckster

September 15, 2010 by


By Alan Caruba Why do we love the hucksters so much? Put a smooth talker in front of us and we are entranced. The latest in a long line of these charlatans is Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the face of the Ground Zero mosque project. Soft-spoken, seemingly erudite, Imam Rauf moves in the power circles […]

Rudd Hopes To Do To The World What He Nearly Did To Australia

July 22, 2010 by


By Andrew Bolt [picapp align=”right” wrap=”false” link=”term=Kevin+Rudd&iid=9199018″ src=”″ width=”234″ height=”355″ /] Kevin Rudd. Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has long been angling for a high profile position on the World stage. His aspirations to secure an important position with the UN are common knowledge here in Australia. Right through his tenure as Prime Minister, […]

A Bad Future For Everyone

July 1, 2010 by


By Alan Caruba Every so often it’s a good idea to take stock of the threats facing the modern world. Any student of history will know that this analysis is going to be grim. Take a deep breath and read this for a few minutes. After that, you may need a stiff drink! I have […]

The UN’s New Scams

June 25, 2010 by


By Alan Caruba. In “Act of Creation”, a 2003 book by Stephen C. Schlesinger tells the story of how the United Nations was established.. At one point he writes that “The first person of any importance noted was Alger Hiss, the acting secretary general of the United Nations, originally appointed to that post on the […]

Sorting Out Global Grievances

May 18, 2010 by


By Alan Caruba “Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!” – Shakespeare, Julius Caesar Every couple of decades, the world needs to sort out its various grievances. The most common mode of doing this is war and it is a truism of war that those waging it, successfully or not, sooner or later […]

Even If It Were A Joke, It Wouldn’t Be Funny

May 4, 2010 by


By Gadi Adelman (So, the UN is a fine upstanding body with everyone’s best interests at the forefront of their thinking, and now they have been elected to the UN Commission on the Status of Women. Read this post very carefully, and then run that by me again…..TonyfromOz) Editor’s note: The following article contains a […]

UN Feeds The Hungry Jihadists

April 13, 2010 by


By Andrew Bolt Yet another United Nations corruption scandal, this time involving its World Food Program: It’s been a month since the leaking of a scathing evaluation of WFP’s Somalian relief program written by the UN Monitoring Group on Somalia. The body, created by the UN Security Council, alleges that three Somali businessmen who held […]

Come Mr. Taliban, Tally Me Kandahar

April 11, 2010 by


Satire by  Shawn Goodwin Being President of Afghanistan is a difficult, thankless job. The country is an eclectic mix of sand and mountains, uh, and more sand and more mountains. There are no fabulous tourist traps, no glamorous casinos, and no Wayne Newton. What’s worse is that the country has been beset by war for […]

Climate Change Experts Are As Inaccurate As Local Meteorologist

February 9, 2010 by


The weatherman is at it again. Big snow on the way. Last week, some of them were really accurate. And some of them were dead wrong. A large portion of the U.S. just experienced a snowstorm of massive proportions. Is that why it’s now usually called climate change instead of global warming? Where I live, […]

I Prefer Local To Global

February 7, 2010 by


By Alan Caruba Perhaps it is just the product of the times in which I grew up and my experience with the events of the world. Or perhaps it is the spin that has been added to the word “global”, endowing it with an almost spiritual quality. Mostly, though, I think it is my utter […]

Congress And The United Nations Are Coming For Your Guns

February 4, 2010 by


The Gun Grabbers are kicking their latest assualt against the Second Amendment up a notch. Back in May of last year, we reported on how the Inter-American Convention Against The Illicit Manufacturing Of And Trafficking In Firearms, Ammunition, Explosives And Other Related Materials was signed by President Bill Clinton but never ratified by the Senate. […]

The National Madhouse

February 3, 2010 by


By Alan Caruba If you think that you are going mad, based on the statements out of the White House and Congress, let me assure you that you are sane, but those in charge of governing the nation appear to have lost their wits. The Democrat’s third-ranking House leader, Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC), during an […]

It’s Not Socialism. It’s Communism

December 28, 2009 by


By Alan Caruba If you felt a frisson of fear on news that the Senate had passed Obamacare the day before Christmas, then you now know what it was and is like to live in a dictatorship. The voice of the People was ignored in a demonstration of raw political power. There was a time […]

Climate Change After Copenhagen – What Happens Next?

December 24, 2009 by


HOW TEN WORDS WRITTEN IN 1997 KILLED OFF COPENHAGEN. No matter what the spin might ever hope to achieve, Copenhagen was a huge flop. Because major World leaders actually did show up, they had to try and come away with something positive, so these people wouldn’t be absolutely humiliated, which, if the truth is to […]